Love, Iris: Beginner's Gear Guide for Camping



Beginner's Gear Guide for Camping

I never thought of myself of researching more and more about camping. When you travel and you want a cheap way of doing it, why not just camp?! I'm going to do a couple more posts on camping since I did a camping solo trip to Antelope Canyon Island, so I'll start out with this gear guide for beginners.

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Now, that camping is a great thing in my life and now I'm good at knowing what gear I need to bring.
I only have one tent, but its a 2 bedroom tent, so if you had a couple of friends you can use it, but I definitely need just a one person tent, if I end up doing solo trips and it's better to have little then bringing a massive tent.

So here’s my camping gear guide for beginners and some tips.

1. Tents

The fact that tent's aren't that expensive and the best part is you can pack them and even paddleboard them across a lake like I did. Depending on who you are traveling with, you can choose which size is perfect for you, I will link a personal tent and a couple ones that you can have more people in them. 

2 Person Tents

4 or more Person Tents

2. Backpacks

Normally I use a school backpack for hiking or camping that I gotWalmartalmart and it fits a lot since it has a lot of compartments, but I do need to get a backpacking backpack for sure though.  Since I have only been doing weekend camping trips I do not need to bring so many items with me, but if I ended up doing the Inca Trail or any long weeks of hiking and camping I'll need to get better backpacks.

Hiking/Day Backpacks 

School Backpacks

Backpacking BackPacks

3. Sleeping Bags and Pads

Sleeping bags are usually a must only if you have a bed you can carry it with, but since I have a tiny car and can't really carry a bed with me a sleeping bag and blankets/pads are great enough.

4. Flashlights

If you don't want to make a fire because of the fire danger alerts happening in the summer around the US, I would suggest getting flashlights. Head flashlights and handheld ones are great as well.

5. Safety Gear

For us girls we need to be safe and men too, but sometimes when a girl goes alone anywhere we have to be cautious and saftey is always the best! 

6. Essentials

Normally, I love to bring any type of essentials with me and I believe this would be the best essentials for women and men that want to camp!

7. Photography Gear

believe me when you go by yourself on trips, I would suggest getting a camera and anything you want to take photos with. I love using my phone and GoPro for anything. 

8. Food

Food is a great essential too, but if you are going for a longer time than a weekend I would suggest packing coolers of food. When I go on a weekend, I usually will bring anything that is easy to make from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that are pre-made or tuna fish. Stuff that doesn't really require a fridge.

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