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Carry-on Travel Gear

When you think of your carry-on flight gear, you must think this thoroughly. Depends on where you go if it's short or a long flight. If it's a short flight you do not need so much gear with you, but sometimes you can. Longer flights that are 7+ hours then bring a little bit more. You always want to be comfortable during every flight you go on. I never really check my bag only if there isn't any more room on the flight, then they will just keep it under the plane. So here are my little basics of travel gear to carry on your flight. 


I have always worn a backpack for all my flights, just to put more things instead of leaving it all in my suitcase. Backpacks are easy to store underneath the seat in front of you and they are cute too! 

Purses/Shoulder Bags

I usually will bring my purse if it's a short destination or keep the tiny one in my luggage depending on where I'm going, normally when I'm exploring I just put everything in my backpack, but these are great too.atbelts. Yes, seatbelts. It’s roomy and basically indestructible and technically doubles as a defense mechanism and weapon.


I tend to have different wallets, but now you can find travel wallets that have compartments for everything from your passport and anything really! I totally need to get one of these!

Portable Chargers

I always bring a charger with me anywhere I go, because one your phone and laptop will always die normally, and it's best to keep one or two with you to charge even your GoPro's and computer. Just make sure you get an adaptor for international flights too.

Baby Wipes or Antimicrobial Wipes

Hand Sanitizer is always great, but you have to make sure its the right type of bottle or else the tsa people will take it away from you. So getting wipes is the best idea for any trip from camping to traveling on planes! Plus you can dispose of it when you're done.


A must is to bring your laptop where ever you go. On the plane, you can do your homework, do some blogging and just play around on it.

Phone Games

I have some games like King of Avalon which requires internet, but I have T-mobile and you get 2 hours for free, but if you take some airlines you can buy internet or they have internet that is free. JetBlue has free internet, which is awesome! So you can play your games all day or night on the flight.

Read an Interesting Book

If you want to distract yourself go to the library and bring a book or 2 or more depending on how long your flight.

Head Phones

Just remember that the new iPhones all have different headphone jacks, so always bring one set for your phone and one for a normal jack to plug it in. I've always forgotten to bring an extra one and then I'm like crap I can only use my phone with this lol.

Different pairs of clothes to change in

Just in case bring an extra pair of clothing, even if its because you lose your luggage on the flight or just to change into something comfy.

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