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Hiking and Running Wild Rose Trail

The Wild Rose Trail is located in North Salt Lake right behind the capital building and along with all the pretty houses that are huge! This trail is popular, but when I went there wasn't a lot of people, but the trail is for hiking, running and mountain biking. I guess from September till winter time you will see fewer people and it is dog-friendly. Dogs are allowed all year round with no leash, but remember there are bikers so beware. I love how the trail is in the sun for some of the time but most of it is in a foresty area. So great for running around.

This hike isn't very hard, so any beginner can do this hike, its only 400 elevation gain and at the top its 5500 ft elevation. If you need more of a hike that's more than 1 mile then there are trails that go up to the top of the mountain in the first picture.
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Abandoned DC Plane on Sólheimasandur Hike/Run

The Abandoned DC Plane is located in South Iceland. It's a very popular trail if you go after 7am. I went to this hike and decided to Run the whole route. If you just like black rock then hiking would be great for you. There's nothing to look at while you walk this, so running is way better. I got there at 445 am and it's about 2.6 miles from the trailhead to the plane crash. Not a bad trail to run on. I went in July, so not sure if its still a good hike in the winter, but it might look cool to see the plane crash with snow.

This trail is for all types of hikers. It's not very difficult since it's just more of a flat trail with some hills. You can bring your pups, children or anyone. You only get 400 ft elevation, so not too bad. 
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Ring Road Iceland Road Trip in 1 day

Are you ready for an adventure? Iceland is one big island and you can drive it in one day. Probably not preferred, but I did it and stopped at a couple locations during this road trip.

The Ring Road is the prime route in Iceland, the main road for the whole island. You will not get lost if you just remember its Route 1. This road trip will show you the wonders of Iceland and especially Sheep, Moss, and lava on your road trip.
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