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Hiking In These Stylish, Incredibly Comfortable Shoes

When I go outside to hike or walk, I tend to do about 4-10 miles, and that's a lot of walking. Walking a lot requires comfortable shoes that will keep your feet feeling good at the end of the hike. These shoes will be good for flat hikes, but they are very comfy so depending on how you hike you can probably just wear them anywhere. Today, I teamed up with Tiosebon to show you their two shoes that are comfy for travel, hiking, and walking.

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How To Style A Floral Dress From Amazon

Hey guys!
I'm so thrilled to show you a couple ways to style this cute floral dress from Amazon. This dress can be styled so many ways. Since I'm 5"10 this dress goes above my knees, so I thought why not try using it as a tunic instead and styled it multiple ways below. This dress is only $23!! Get it here: Floral Dress

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How to style a white tunic from amazon

Hey guys!
I'm so excited about this fun summer tunic. You can dress it up so many ways for all seasons. This tunic is only $19!!!!
I'm 5"10 and 145 lbs and i got the medium, and its pretty loose, but its fine with the length. I would stick to your true size or go down a size if you want it to be fitted.
Get your tunic here:  White Tunic

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How to style a pink top from amazon

Hey guys!
This cute criss-cross tunic top is only $19!!!!
I'm so excited about this fun summer tunic. You can dress it up so many ways for all seasons. 
I'm 5"10 and 145 lbs and I got the medium, and it's pretty fitted with some room, so I would stick to your true size!

Get your tunic here:  Pink Top

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