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DSW Haul: Dolce Vita Derby Sandals

I bought these sandals in pink & black (trying to get my size in white, but they never have my size) and love that they are super cute and have a simple design. You can easily dress them up or down which is nice. Just beware, do not wear these sandals with tights or slippery socks, they will basically come off of your foot once you walk in them. So your own foot is basically the best deal for wearing them. I wore them with tights and they were hard to keep on when I was walking. I would say they are true to size, they are snug, but it's good so they don't slip off your feet. I got my normal size 9.5 and they are good, but they do stretch out, so I would stay to your true size. Sometimes they are hard to keep on, but I wouldn't go running in them, because they will fall off or you will trip over your own feet. I walk fast, but they seem to be ok, sometimes they rub, but I haven't gotten any blisters and I have worn them maybe over 20 times. They are comfy though! They don't hurt at all!

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Clothing Haul: Red Dress Boutique and Fashion Nova

I'm super excited about this clothing haul. I know its just three items, but I thought I would start out with these items. I decided I'm going to be doing clothing hauls that I buy, especially on Amazon. That will be later. I love finding great deals and these items are less than 40 dollars! I hope you enjoy my review on these 3 items!

Red Dress Boutique Haul

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Walmart Perfume Haul Juicy Couture Gold and Valentino Valentina Review

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I love these fragrances, but what if I told you, you can get these fragrances for way cheaper then going to Ulta, Nordstroms or Macys. Yep, I purchased these at Walmart and they are the exact same fragrance from department stores. These fragrances are usually $110 USD, but I got both of these for $47 USD. That is way cheaper. I love it that you can get them at Walmart now and here are my reviews of both these perfumes down below.


Fiji Itinerary for 2 weeks

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Tropical Islands, Rugby, Ceremonies, Jungles, and relaxation. When you think of Fiji, you think of tropical islands and just so much fun right? It's definitely a tropical island, but very remote and expensive. If you decide to go to Fiji, I would definitely stay there for 1 week. Two weeks is too much, if you are a person that is on the go, then this place will not be that much fun. I loved it, but being remote had its downtime. I thought there would be more to do, but if you want to go hiking, you will need to pay 30 Fiji Dollars which is 15 USD and a 10 FJ Dollar for kava for the chief. If you just want to relax and hang at the beach then this place is definitely your doing.
Fiji is known as the Relaxation and being all good. They are also known as the Happy People. Everywhere you go in Fiji, everyone says BULA (which is Hi). Everyone where ever you go will say it. So, you might be annoyed by saying hi every 5 seconds, but they are really nice.

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