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Hiking and Running Mount Olympus

Mt. Olympus (9,030 ft) is probably the hardest hike to do out of the hikes I have done. We gained 5,500+ feet of elevation when we got to the top. If you live in Salt Lake City, it's in the middle of Murray and Millcreek and you can see it from anywhere on the freeway. It has two rocky spines that face West. It's not the tallest summit, but it's one of the harder hikes to do. You will have a big work out and after you are finished you will be dead and want to sleep all weekend. 
Getting to the top was 4.4 miles, it says 3.1, but on my watch, I got 4.4, so just give yourself some time to get up there and probably start early. I started at 945 and got to the top around 1230.
Mount Olympus can be popular, when I went there wasn't a lot of people, maybe about 10 at the top, but everyone walks or runs different speeds. At 945 am it was kind of hot, but it was shaded most of the way up but you can feel the heat. Coming down the mountain the sun will be up at the top of the sky so you will be in direct sunlight the whole way down. Don't forget to bring sunscreen and of course a lot of water. We ran out of water coming down and we had a 2-liter backpack and 2 water bottles. Luckily we had 2 oranges coming down so we had some sort of liquid. I would definitely bring more water just in case. We sweat a lot so we drank too much coming up. 

It says theres a stream, but in the middle of summer, you won't ever see the stream.

Just to keep in mind, when you get to the saddle and start making the descent to the top, you will need to scramble on massive rocks with a photo of me climbing up the mountain. It's a harder scramble then most rocks that are on trails, you gotta be on all fours to make it up to the top.
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Hiking and Running Mount Timpanogos

Hiking Mt. Timpanogos (11,752 ft) is one of the higher peaks in Utah. I hiked this route through the Timpinookee Trailhead. It's 14.5 miles and the Aspen Grove one is about 17 miles. The Timpinookee trail is a gradual climb and we took about 4 hours to climb to the top and 2.5 miles coming down since we ran down before it got too dark. You can also camp there if you decide to go later in the day. We did the hike at 1230 pm and it was a great day, the hike has some shade and some of it's in the direct sun. We ended at 830, and we ran some of it and coming down I fell on a rock and hurt my ankle, so be careful when you run around that area.

If you are looking for a tough hike this one is one of the tallest mountains with mount Nebo and mount Olympus. It's always great to do these once a year since there are so many hikes to do in Utah. I would do this hike in August since there won't be any snow. You can still do the hike in June or July, but there might be snow and you will need spikes to get up. We did this hike on Labor Day September 1st and it wasn't too crowded. Some people just go to the waterfalls and walk back which we ran into a lot of people coming down, but once you get closer to the saddle there is not a lot of people up there. 

If you are a beginner of hiking and want to attempt this mountain, just go early like maybe 730 am so you have enough time to hike all the way with stops. It can take about 6-8 hours round trip to do it or longer if you haven't done hard hikes before. I would definitely bring a backpack with 2 liters of water and 3 extra water bottles, a sandwich, protein bars, and energy candies to do the trail. We did stop a couple times to rest and take our shoes off for our feet to heal from the walking and running.

I still need to do the Aspen Grove Trail, but I'll probably do that next year since it started to snow already up there. So I will talk about my experience next year with the aspen grove part.

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Hiking and Running Wild Rose Trail

The Wild Rose Trail is located in North Salt Lake right behind the capital building and along with all the pretty houses that are huge! This trail is popular, but when I went there wasn't a lot of people, but the trail is for hiking, running and mountain biking. I guess from September till winter time you will see fewer people and it is dog-friendly. Dogs are allowed all year round with no leash, but remember there are bikers so beware. I love how the trail is in the sun for some of the time but most of it is in a foresty area. So great for running around.

This hike isn't very hard, so any beginner can do this hike, its only 400 elevation gain and at the top its 5500 ft elevation. If you need more of a hike that's more than 1 mile then there are trails that go up to the top of the mountain in the first picture.
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Abandoned DC Plane on Sólheimasandur Hike/Run

The Abandoned DC Plane is located in South Iceland. It's a very popular trail if you go after 7am. I went to this hike and decided to Run the whole route. If you just like black rock then hiking would be great for you. There's nothing to look at while you walk this, so running is way better. I got there at 445 am and it's about 2.6 miles from the trailhead to the plane crash. Not a bad trail to run on. I went in July, so not sure if its still a good hike in the winter, but it might look cool to see the plane crash with snow.

This trail is for all types of hikers. It's not very difficult since it's just more of a flat trail with some hills. You can bring your pups, children or anyone. You only get 400 ft elevation, so not too bad. 
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