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Staying at the Movenpick Resort in Egypt

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 (Image from Movenpick Resort)
Hello Aswan! This tiny city is in Aswan, Egypt!

This hotel is in the middle of an island on the Nile River, you can see so many feluccas and cruise ships coasting by.

Here's our Movenpick Resort in Tokyo

Here’s my experience staying at the Movenpick Resort in Aswan!


Overnight Sleeper Train in Egypt (Watania Train)

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I took the train from Cairo to Aswan. The one that everyone said it's hard to get tickets, I didn't have a hard time getting them online, maybe in person, they might sell out, but I went into the office and asked if they had other seats available and they did.
I wouldn't say this is a "Luxury" train when the other people have said this is 1st class and its so luxurious and its not, its a really fun experience to do in the middle east though, so I would just take it once, I wouldn't take it again.
You will learn:
  • How to buy train tickets for this route (Cairo – Aswan)
  • The pros and cons of traveling by train in Egypt


How to see Egypt in 10 Days

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It's awesome that we can travel to Egypt and it is not only completely safe to travel now, but you can see all the highlights in a week!!! I know a lot of people do not want to go to the middle east but I want to tell you it's so safe and since the crowds are low TRAVEL WILL BE CHEAP!!!!

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