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School’s out, homework is gone for 3 months and it's hot! Why not come around and go camping. It's cheap, you can be active, be well with nature and more. If you're on a tight budget, then camping is usually the best way to go. One day camping is always good too! While I'm still finishing up a blog post about camping on Antelope Canyon Island, I did a one-day camping there. For me, I think if you're going to do what I did, I brought my own food like peanut butter sandwiches and tuna fish. Stuff that doesn't really need refrigerators.

So Here's my list of what to pack for a one day of camping (morning to the next day):

Sunscreen & Insect Spray

Where ever you are going and it's going to be blistering hot, I would suggest bringing sunscreen so you don't get sunburnt. I love SPF that is about 15-30, after 30 it's just a whole bunch of bad ingredients and it doesn't really protect you. Also, always always always bring insect spray. You will get bit all the time and it's not fun when that happens.

Clothing Items

Depending on where you are going, if you are going to a lake or somewhere that is warm, all I would bring is a tank top, shorts, and swimsuits. Because you will most likely be on the lake most of the camping day. If you are going to the forest I would just bring jackets, jeans, shorts, and tops. Just remember do not pack too much because you don't wanna haul 20 outfits and you just wear one outfit.

Tent and Pads


I love just going to camp and swimming or paddle boarding. So swimsuits is a must in your backpack or packing items. 


When you go camping just bring a backpack or a backpacking backpack and you can store most of your items besides the tent and pads, but all your food, clothing and anything else.

Always bring water

I don't think anyone wants to drink ocean water or lake water, but I would suggest bringing a water bottles with you. Just get the 24 pack with you and you can even put it on your paddleboard to transfer it over to the island too.

Bring a laptop and your cell phone!

Sometimes it can be boring and you want to be entertained, always bring a laptop and your cell phone as well as charging tools so you can charge them. Plus you can watch movies under the stars on your computer which is always rad!


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