Love, Iris: Sunday Currently!



Sunday Currently!

I'm linking up with Lauren today on:

Currently I'm...

Reading All my books for my classes: Communicating at Work: For my communication's class, My English book called: The College Writer and of course my Math book for doing all my studying and homework.

Writing: I'm writing 3 paper's since my English teacher went out of town last week and We didn't have any class, so I have to write a Persuasive Essay, a 5 Year Goal Essay, and a Informative Essay. I did my informative essay on "There Might be a Cure for Cancer", my Persuasive essay is about a Camaro. Then I have another paper but it's due in a couple weeks called "Interview 2" in my communication's class you have to go interview what you would like to be and I want to be a PA when I get done with all my schooling so I interviewed a PA!

Listening: to Good Eats in the background.

Thinking:  what I got on my Math test, and my Project and my Interview Project that my teacher's haven't posted and I'm freaking! Haha not really but I really want to know what I got.

Smelling: My Lady GaGa Perfume!

Wishing: The summer wouldn't go so fast, it's almost august and it's pretty sad how the time just flew by!

Hoping: I get my grades today on Canvas, so I can see what I got, I hate waiting till the next time we go to class. 

Wearing: My pj's!

Loving: I don't have to work in the summer time, I go back to work at the end of August, but still if you want to work in the summer you can or you can always take it off. So I do, so I can take more than 12 credits and hopefully finish school earlier and apply for PA school.

Wanting: My lunch, but I got to wait, but it smell's so yummy!

Needing: Nothing at the moment.

Feeling: Happy, because I'm always happy for some odd reason. I guess it's good to be happy and smile!

Clicking: on websites to buy clothing, I just bought some cute gladiator sandals from Windsor store (Here's the Sandals I bought), and looking for some cute fall clothing, since I have too much summer clothes, I need to start getting ready for the fall and winter.


  1. so excited to have you linking up this week! :)

    my husband is a PA! it's such a great field. any idea what specialty you're interested in?

    i also hate waiting for my grades - i'm in two psychology classes this semester, & the teacher doesn't use online grading or announcements at all. it's driving me crazy having to wait for the next class for test scores!

    have a great week!

    1. I'm glad I linked up too! Love your blog so much!

      When I become a PA I want to be in the ER So i think that's internal medicine or something like that, I still have to do all my pre-reqs but I heard the ER is great to work in as a PA so I was like HECK YES!!! :D


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