Love, Iris: Review on Sally's Plugged Reverse Wand



Review on Sally's Plugged Reverse Wand

So today's another review on this fun wand. It's a reverse wand so it's smaller at the top and goes huge at the bottom. I bought this at Sally's beauty a couple month's ago but I don't know if they still have it in stores, but they should have it in stores, it's not online, but it's there or you can probably eBay it.
I think any reverse wand will make any kind of curls, like these or other's depending on your hair!
This wand gets really hot, so just be careful of your fingers, or you can use the gloves, I'm already used to it so I don't use the gloves.
As you can see that it makes these fun curls, and it last's all day and for a couple day's, depending on how your hair holds. It gives you so much volume when you do it, so you wont have to worry about having volume boosts or whatever you use to make your hair poofy! Haha.
You don't even have to hold it that long, maybe 10 to 15 seconds, but if you want it to be more glamorous curls you can do it the other way and fold your hair going towards your face and it'll be like a 50's style type hair do, but if you want just regular everyday curls like this, you will get these.
If I can get extension's in the next couple week's I will do more reviews on this because when I curl my hair it makes it short, so I really need extensions so I can have longer and the curls will probably be better. Thinking of getting those Bella Mi Hair Extension's, when I get paid.
Hope you love this post!
Let me know if you love it or hate it!



  1. wow looks amazing! Love the end result!

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