Love, Iris: Tan Wise Review!



Tan Wise Review!

 Today I have another review! It's on Tan Wise from Sally's Beauty Supply (You can get it in Stores or online here).
I heard people raving over this stuff on you tube and online, and of course I'm still trying to find awesome tanning product's that don't make you orange and that last more than a day. This product last's for about a week, so I'm very pleased that it last's long, plus if you apply lotion then it'll last long too.
I found this and I am so pleased with this purchase, it's dark when you put it on so you can see where it's going, and it makes you tan like you went to Hawaii. I love it, and I hope you love it to and try it. It doesn't have any type of smell, like it does but it's not strong so you can hardly tell you have it on.
It makes you tan right away, and in 3 hours it gets more darker. I had to put two layers because I'm sooooo white, and so pasty that if I put one layer on it's an okay tan but I want to be super tan. So two layers is probably enough if your white like me. If you check out my outfit photo's you can see how white I am. 
Anyways hope this was helpful, and you try it too!

And I'm Tan! So Happy!


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