Love, Iris: DSW Bare Traps!



DSW Bare Traps!

I have been sick for the last week, so I hope I don't look sick in these photo's, but I am, you might see a red nose somewhere in the photo's lol.
I get sick when it gets hot then cold all of a sudden, or cold to hot, or it might be from work. Who knows but yes, being sick is not fun.
Today is one of those casual days that you just put a fun boot on, even if it's a little warm. I think it would be better during winter, but on accident I put it on when it's warm. Who cares right? I always see random girls wearing boots in the summer when it's 100 degree's. I'm like WHA?! But whatever floats their boat I guess! Well hope your having a wonderful day! See ya soon!
Striped T-Shirt: H&M(Here)
Underneath Lace Tee: Downeast Basics(Here)
Leggings: Danskin (Here)
Boots: BareTraps DSW (Here)

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  1. You look gorgeous! Hope you are feeling much better :)


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