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My Hair and Care

So I guess I will do a Hair care and what I do, I do not use Conditioner, because it makes my hair super oily, so I usually just have shampoo that makes your hair last for a couple of days of not washing it. So I found a shampoo at Walmart by Organix, it's the coconut oil one or the Moroccan oil one. I used to love Head and Shoulders but I would always need to wash it everyday and that's not good, so I tried millions of shampoo's but now I found one that lasts for like 3-4 days of not washing, but that's with my hair, it's very thick and straight.
So the curling iron i use is from Sally's Beauty Supply by Plugged (Here) so you can see if it works for you hair, and it lasts for a couple of days. I don't use dry shampoo, it doesn't work on my hair for some odd reason.

But this is the curls that the Sally's Plugged curling iron does to my hair.


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  2. lovely curls
    visit my blog some time ,it would be my pleasure to have you there ..

  3. Lovely lovely hair! .. the curls are beautiful :)


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