Love, Iris: Kardashian Kollection #2



Kardashian Kollection #2

Hello everyone looking at my blog! So today is a fancy outfit kind of day, I loved wearing this outfit to a fancy dinner, or anywhere that you got to look fancy, or you can wear it to school, but I think people will be like "Iris why are you wearing such a fancy outfit to school?" Lol. But who knows right. This dress is amazingly put together, the texture is amazing, its kind of warm though if you wear it, so I don't think you should wear a jacket with it, since the material is made well and makes you sweat a little if you wore a jacket. But you could. But for me I would just wear it like this.
 Dress: Kardashian Kollection (Here)
Tights: George Collection
Snake Skin Heels: Macys


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  1. This dress is so pretty on you! I haven't tried any of their collection yet, but this dress is stunning. I love black, but the cut is so flattering!



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