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Work Out

Hi Dolls! Thought I'd do a working out post, I try to work out everyday, or every other day,
I really wanna be toned, not to look like a guy, just to be toned, and look amazing ya know. I work with this lady that is such in toned shape and I was like I wanna look like that, so I have been doing weight training sooo much, and my arms are getting toned and my whole body is too!!! I've lost weight and went down some pant sizes which I probably shouldn't be since I'm tall and I've been skinny, but oh well!!! I guess I can just always get new clothing right?!
Well This is what I do:
1: Weight Training
 -I do curls, over the head raises, parallel etc.
2: Leg Squats
3 Zumba
 -I go to zumba Twice weekly
4: Treadmil
 -I have a tread mill in my home, so I usually just do the cardio there
This is how my back is getting toned!


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