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GT500 Mustang

Hello lovely followers! Sorry I haven't gotten to do outfit of the day posts yet, been busy studying for tests and writing papers like crazzyyyy and its been snowing so it's hard to go out and about and take photo's but, I will have one tomorrow and next week, it's getting warmer and I'll be able to do more and more fashion blogging. I have tons of clothing I want to take photo's and show you.
Anyways this post is about the GT500 Mustang 2012 Edition.
So some of my friends and I went and got to spend a weekend with a gt500 of your choice, so I chose the Grabber Blue Mustang, I was sooooo happy, this is my favorite color on these types of cars, well I guess a mustang because it looks better, Not on a honda or whatever, just mustangs for sure.
So it was wayyy fun, 700+ Horse Power, holy cow you would be in heaven if you loved these kinds of cars.
Well Heres some of my photos with the car,
I kinda look horrible cuz I wasn't really ready to take photos but here you go lovely people.

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