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Packing Tips for a roadtrip with your boyfriend

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Traveling with boyfriend or girlfriend can be a really fun trip or it can end up being the worst trip ever. I've been on disaster trips and i've been on amazing trips, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to pack when you go on a road trip. That's why I'm coming up with some of my favorite tips for packing, because I know it can be a hassle when you don't know what to pack and here are some of my tips and hopefully i can help you! 

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Packing Tip #1: Pack for the weather you are going to!
I will always look at the weather ahead of time just to get a feel of how warm or cold it will be. If I'm coming from a cold state and going to a really hot state like southern cali, then I would suggest just going in the cold weather clothing, then pack for summer clothing. If I go on a weekend trip to southern cali, then I would just pack 2 summer dresses, 2 tank tops, a pair of shorts, 1 swimsuit and 2 sandals/sneakers. For my boyfriend when he goes on a weekend trip, he will just pack 3 tshirts and 2 pairs of shorts and a swimsuit. So you really don't need a big suitcase for it. For a longer vacation, we usually will pack a bunch more, but still not too much, because you will be able to get away with wearing the same thing twice. I just pack lightly and will wear the same clothes a couple times, and hey! Hotels will have a place to wash them too, so you can wash your clothing too!

Packing Tip #2: Get your gadgets powered
When I am going on a road trip, I always make sure that I have my batteries with me, especially my cell phone since I usually use that as a GPS, so always have a charger for your cell phone or power outlet for your computer.

Packing Tip #3: First Aid Kit
I will always have a first aid kit or just a plastic baggy with everything you need in it. Just like you got to make sure your car is safe, always make sure you body is safe on the road this winter with any type of first aid kit you have!

Packing Tip #4: Always, Always have snacks on the road
Whenever I'm going on road trips, I always need some kind of pick me up or else I'll just be sleepy on the road and that's no fun to do. So, I will get snacks, protein shakes, chocolate and just a couple things that you love to eat. You're going on a road trip, so eat what you want and have a fun time doing it.

Packing Tip #5: Get your car serviced before your road trip
When you are going on a road trip, you should always make sure your car is properly checked before road trips. You do not want your car to break down when you are on your way somewhere with your hubby or boyfriend and in the middle of no where. I've had it happen before, but luckily it was in the summer so it wasn't freezing, but driving during the winter will be brutal and if your car breaks down, you will freeze your tail off fixing whatever happened. So, after that experience it made me go a couple days before I went on my road trip to check it out.

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Oil changes in every car in the world is a very important thing to keep doing. I learned a long time ago on how you should always maintain your car, I have had exotic type of cars and those cars are a pain and you always need to check them out, but every car needs to be check out when you get a oil change. Sometime you have to buy expensive and cars are expensive to, so paying just a little bit extra will save you and your car in the future. Thats why, Pennzoil Platinum® Full Synthetic motor oil with PurePlus™ Technology will actually keep your vehicle’s pistons up to 20% cleaner and keep your engine cleaner too. Also, full synthetic oil performs better in extreme hot and cold temperatures.

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I'm always going on a road trip maybe 2-4 times a month and I always stop by Walmart to get my oil changed or my boyfriends car's too. Walmart Automotive Center's are everywhere in the U.S., the good thing for you is you drop off your car and then go shopping and your car will probably be finished in time to go home. When I went to go get my oil change, the Pennzoil® Platinum Full Synthetic was on Rollback ($49.88 Rollback to $44.88).
Now you know how to pack and take care of your car, make sure to get your vehicle checked as soon as possible! Did you know that, Walmart Automotive Care Centers in the following states and you can get the Pennzoil® Platinum Full Synthetic on Rollback ($49.88 Rollback to $44.88) through December 27, 2016 in these states:
  • Florida
  • Georgia 
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee

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I really hoped my tips are helpful for your travel plans this holiday season! Let me know where you are road tripping to! I love learning about everyones experience in different states.


How to make a Caregiving Present to your Elderly Patients

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When working in the hospital, you always see a lot of older people.  I know I'm still young, but I see so many older people and growing older every time I'm working. When I'm at work I try to make my patients as happy as possible and show them respect and love. If you're looking for caregiving services for your family or even patients that you believe need it, Sam's Club offer's Family Caregiving Services. When I was walking around Sam's Club trying to figure out what would be perfect for a present, I thought why not make a present to my patients.

Want to know what Family Caregiver Services is? It's a one-stop destination for all of your caregiving needs, including prescription refills, personal care products, and free health screenings.  When you're at Sam's Club you can find more such as pick up, subscriptions and health and wellness services. 
Sam’s Club has tons incontinence products that you can choose in store or online:
Poise® Liners – Light Absorbency
Poise® Pads – Maximum Absorbency
Depend® Fit-Flex® Underwear for Women and Men

Don't forget to download the Digimarc Discovery app and once you have done so, you can scan the Depend packaging and it will take you straight to the Sam's Club Caregiving Website.

When you go to Sam's Club, you know you are always saving every time you shop, even on the depend box you will find how much you will save!
When I'm doing Physical Therapy on my patients in the hospital, I always think how awesome would it be if I made them presents and they would be so happy that I just took some time to make a cute present for them. I think presents aren't only for my patients but anyone, so I think giving someone a perfect present and the extra care people need, this will make everyone's day!

How to Make an Care-giving Present:

I usually will just gather a bunch of things they would love. I bought some floss, electric toothbrushes, and some yummy treats, hand sanitizer, shampoo, lotion and few other items. I went on a overload with buying things for them, but all the matters is how happy they will be when they see what I bought them!

For the bigger items, I'll wrap them in Christmas paper, the rest of them I'll put them all in cute present bags with fun paper on top. I will add the huge box of Depend or Poise Then I wrap them all up just like Christmas presents and then bring all these to their room in the hospital and say, I was thinking about you and here's some amazing items for you to have! Then I will get the biggest smile on their faces! Also, make sure you tell the family of your patient that they can go and check out the Family Caregiving Services at their local Sam's Club.

What type of present items would you pack for your patients or your family members?


Comfy Tshirts

I don't normally buy just regular tshirts online, since I can just go to my nearby target or wherever and buy a cute comfy one there, but when I found out about this cute tshirt line then you will love them! This top is so cozy and so cute i'm so excited to wear them all the time. It's a high low top, so its cute and you can wear leggings with it and then go with the flow with a cute blanket scarf! I'm 5"9 and this shirt is pretty long, but I had to get the XL, because I was worried it would be so short on me.
If your looking for a cute tshirt that's soft and looks pretty expensive get yours here: Grey Tshirt


Wear Me Pro Cat Eye Sunglasses

These sunglasses are my favorite ever!!!! They are so cute and the cat eye sunnies are the new thing these days! The case is so cute that go with them as well with a screw driver and a keychain and a cloth. They are non polarized frams and they are perfect for all occasions even with my fancy dresses. It's crazy how they look like $450 pairs but they are just what 12 bucks! HOLY COW RIGHT!!! I love them so much. They are pretty big, so if you love the oversized sunnies then you will love them. I'm obsessed with these and how oversized they are. Great with oversized sweaters too! I got the gold/rose color and they are fantastic. When you are outside they turn more gold then rose, but hey it's all good! They are still cute. They don't bother my ears at all either.

Get yours here: Sunnies

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sunnies, wearme pro review, wearme pro sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses,

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