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Happy Monday!
Todays post is most of what I have posted on instagram!
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Outfit details are below each photo :)
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Outfit Details:
chichi london dress, essie dress, chichi london essie dress, blue floral dress,
Outfit Details:
lookbook store floral kimono, lookbook store, pink tank top, blue scarf, destroyed denim, pink sandals,
Outfit Details:
Kimono Pink Top Scarf   Jeans  | Scarf |
Pink Sandals (Here in Black // Here in Mint //)
lace skirt and grey top outfit, lace skirt outfit,
Outfit Details:
Skirt  Grey Top 
my sisters closet boutique, textured skirt, grey top, cardigan outfit,
Outfit Details:
Skirt Cardigan Grey Top  |
60's inspired dress, ravi famous dress, polka dot sweetheart dress,
 Outfit Details:
burgundy leather jacket, pink tank top, lace skirt, lace skirt outfit,
 Outfit Details:
casual destroyed jeans outfit,
 Outfit Details:
1) Jeans  Pink Top Scarf  | Pink Sandals (Here in Black // Here in Mint //|
2) Jeans Sweater Booties  | 
3) Jeans  White Shirt Cardigan | Flats |
 4) Jeans  Grey Top Scarf  | Pink Sandals (Here in Mint // Here in Pink) |
red dress with leather trim, stylescan dress,

Outfit Details:


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Review: Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses

Who doesn't love changing and playing around with colored contact lenses. It's the fun way to change up your look - whether it's for a special occasion to even a casual outing to school or with friends. Spooky Eyes sent me a pair to review this month and the color of these are blue glamour contact lense
Go on and read below this photo for my honest opinions on these awesome contacts! 
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The pair that I am wearing is from Spooky Eyes with these pretty blue glamour contact lense. I'm a big fan of blue eyes and I've had colored contacts before and these are adorable on my eyes. I have really dark dark brown eyes; so if you have really dark eyes these will work on you as well. However, if they were a little lighter I believe it would show more blue-er on your eyes. I'm still not complaining they are adorable. 
- - -
For comfort level for the eyes, they're very manageable, they don't hurt, itch or anything, but I don't find them as comfortable as my prescription contact lenses because of the inaccurate fit on me and also I can't see with out glasses; (they sorta run a bit big, but I have big eyes so it's ok on me; wish they were actually my prescription so I don't have to wear glasses with them). I didn't have any trouble taking the lenses out of my eye, they are really soft so I thought it was easier to take them out then some prescription contacts. I have worn contacts for a long time so I didn't have a problem taking them out. If your new to contacts you might need to work a lot to put them in. 

Finally, I would definitely recommend this brand because Spooky Eyes offers a huge variety of natural to interesting colors. You can use these for Halloween, cosplaying, and just to change your eye color. The ones I have last for 4 years (2019) which I think is amazing and then you have them for a long time to change up your eye colors and they're also FDA-approved, which means that they're completely safe to wear.

I hope you enjoyed this review on these pretty lenses!

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changing your eye color contacts, colored contacts, colored contacts review, contacts to change eye color, dream eyes, spooky eyes, spooky eyes review,


Looking Girly Chic

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Outfit Details:
Skirt-sold out (similar // similar- on sale) Grey Striped Top Scarf-Sold out (similar // similar)  |
Sandals-old (similar // similar) | Sunglasses |
Happy Monday!
It's no hint that I love to be girly all the time and this look is perfect to be girly in. This is more of a spring type of look because of the scarf and half sleeve top, but it's still cute, for summer I would get a grey striped tank top and wear it with this skirt for the 100 degrees coming. This top is really light weight anyways, so it's good for spring and maybe before it becomes 100 degrees.
This is going to be a short post,
I will be looking for my own camera for the mean time, my photographer is having some stuff happening and I will be using a camera that will do the same things soon. So if I'm not here thats why. I will try to come back as soon as I find a good camera.
My photographer will be back in a month so we will be working again as soon as he gets comfortable at his new place. 
But in the mean time I will use my new camera soon next week or something :)

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