Love, Iris: vitaminwater zero into a What To Wear For Fall Season



vitaminwater zero into a What To Wear For Fall Season

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When it comes to Fall and Fall Semester starting soon, I love to layer. I know it's not fall and I took these in Alaska and thought why not use this for some inspiration for comfort and to look forward to fall. Today, my outfit is basically the same color as vitaminwater zero XXX. When I think comfy in my mind, I have a couple clothing pieces I always will have. 

Here's how I put my fall outfits together:

1) An awesome burgundy jacket or even a coat

When it's fall here in Utah, it become's pretty nippy sometimes, just depending on the day. Sometimes it can randomly snow. I'm a big fan of burgundy for fall wear. A bomber burgundy jacket, burgundy leather jacket or even a burgundy coat will work well. This jacket of mine is a coat for maybe if it's 50-70 degree's, so for those fall night's this jacket will keep you warm.

2) Tunic's

I chose a heart tunic, because hearts and burgundy looks pretty cool for winter. Plus, the cream color of the top is pretty much screaming "FALL". This one is a warmer tunic, so when it gets warm I can just take off the jacket and still look like i'm wearing a fall outfit. Plus, I love tunics because if you wear leggings you don't have to show off your butt when walking around.

3) Boots, boots, and more boots

These are one of my fancier boots that are a little on the pricey side, but you can find all different over the knee boots for cheaper. Burgundy boots are perfect and balance out a burgundy, cream, denim outfit. When you get the "skin tight" boots, they will make your legs look amazing.

4) Scarves are a must for fall

When it comes to scarves, I have so many. I should of used my plaid scarf, but this burgundy scarf works well too. If you have a brown plaid or a black and red plaid scarf, this will look AMAZING! I probably have way too many scarves, which is pretty crazy. I have another closet just for scarves--obsession of mine. So, even in winter, fall and spring I'm always with a scarf, so always keep one by for a cute outfit and to keep warm too.

5) Bags

I love a cute black bag for this outfit. It balances it out. I would choose just darker colored bags of your choosing. I love this cute bag and it keeps everything I need in it. I can even put my note pad with me while i strut this outfit to campus.

6) vitaminwater zero

All year around, staying hydrated when your walking on campus, going on hikes or anything outside, I will always carry a vitaminwater zero in my bag, because it has a great taste and will provide hard-working hydrationg, vitamins and electrolytes. I'm always at target and I picked up a bunch of 20 oz bottles and an easy pick me up at the store. They have so many different flavors and colors, which the XXX is a perfect color for this outfit. It's a great way to hydrate the hustle on campus or wherever you are. You can save 5% now at Target on you're purchase.

What is your favorite vitaminwater zero and what outfit would you choose to wear?!

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