Love, Iris: Womens Striped Wrap Style Pencil Envelope Skirt



Womens Striped Wrap Style Pencil Envelope Skirt

I purchased this Striped Envelope Skirt in Black and White stripes. I love this skirt, I would wear a bodysuit with it, so you don’t have shirts rolling up if you tick your shirts in a skirt. I got it in size medium and it fits perfect! It’s really nice and a great look for a professional look or just a summer look as well. This will be great for campus walking and being in class to be comfy. The texture is really awesome, it’s perfect quality. I thought it was going to be thin but it’s not, so you don’t have to worry about it being seethrough. I still wouldn’t wear pink underwear or anything colorful, but it’s so cute! I’m excited about my purchase and hope you will too!
Got this for free for a review of it!
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