Love, Iris: 5 steps to creating a Time Management Plan for College Students



5 steps to creating a Time Management Plan for College Students

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My life is super busy. I do Physical Therapy, I'm a full time college (pre-med student), studying like crazy, blogging and going to have a social life--if I ever can. I never have that much time to do a lot, even see my friends it's hard. When you're a pre-med student it's a lot of work and study time takes most of your free time. I try to make my priorities like eating when I need to, taking my vitamins every morning right at 7:30 AM, working out etc. With a busy schedule like mine (you will see my two schools schedules I attend this summer) I sometimes forget to do many things I listed above. So, today I'm sharing my 5 secret tips of Time Management for a busy college student that is taking more than 17 credit hours a semester. I hope I can impact you on time management and help you organize your day better to do more things.

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5 Steps to Creating a Time Management Plan for College Students 

1) Scheduling Your Calendar – Keep your calendar always next to you. When you have that, write when you need to study. I normally study 3 weeks in advanced for tests. So depending on if you can do that, this will make you have a free schedule. Also mark down when quizzes, tests and homework are due. Sometimes teachers put all of your homework on canvas--this is the best. You can start doing all your homework way ahead in time and just worry about testing. So, if you can try to do that, then this will free a lot more time as well. Just depends on how dedicated you are to get all your homework down at the beginning of the semester too. If your work a lot you will have to see when you work. During summer I get 3 month's off, so that is easier to work with. If you work 20 hours, see what days you work and if you work 3 hours in the morning then you can study right when you get off work then have the evening off.

2) Always prepare your breakfast, lunch or dinner the night before – If you have classes all on the same day, you need to have your breakfast, lunch and dinner all ready for you to keep in your backpack. If you have yoru breakfast already made just wake up and eat it, then put the rest in your backpack for later. I break snacks for my 10am snack and 2 pm snack. This will be much easier and you wont be stressing too much and of course you wont be eating out as much too.

3) Books are a pain sometimes – If you can get ebooks, I would highly recommend this, but if you need actual textbooks always have them already prepared in your backpack or purse. When I'm done studying, I go put my books back in my backpack that I need, so I have that all ready to get going in the morning.
4) Homework – If you can do all your homework the week of the semester starting this will keep you ahead of the classes. I've noticed that sometime's teachers just give you homework and just check it off without really grading it. If your teacher does that –this will give you an advantage to getting it all done and turn it in for credit way early and you can basically be done with the class. I love when you can do that. Relaxed teachers on grading are the best!

5) Get multivitamins  –  When I'm in a rush every morning to get to class, I forget to take my vitamins, so a multivitamins are a great alternative to keep your overall health great. I keep it in my backpack, so when I do forget to take them, I already have them in my backpack. I love that Centrum has a bunch of new flavors that just came out. The Centrum Raspberry Vitamints and the Centrum Gummies are a great go to item for your backpack.

If you cannot do all these steps, I would say just try doing one at a time. I would highly recommend doing all your homework--the ones that you can do on canvas and know you'll get a A in. This will take some of the stress away and you will have much more free time in your schedule. You just got to be very dedicated--even during summer semester which is much more shorter than a regular semester.

I have a crazy schedule and I know all you college students do too--just remember to breath, not stress too much, be happy and your semester will be fine and soon it will be over. 
Always try to enjoy your time at school and try some multivitamin solutions from Centrum Gummies and Vitamints!  

If you enjoyed my steps and are going to try to incorporate them into your schedule. Come back and tell me how you are taking your steps to freeing up your college schedules. I would love to hear about it!

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