Love, Iris: Wear Me Pro Sunglasses Review



Wear Me Pro Sunglasses Review

Love these fun sunnies! Not only are they incredibly chic and on trend, but they are really comfortable to wear too! They come with a pretty hand polished frame and the sunglasses offer 100% UV protection as well!

The bar over the top of sunnies is a trend that is going strong on sunglasses this year, and I was thrilled to see I could jump on this trend at a very affordable price with these sunglasses. I didn't expect them to feel as high quality as they do! The frames feel sturdy and strong, especially the arms. The polished look of the frames are very pretty too, and I love the matte look of them.

I got these in gold and black and absolutely love them! They're dark but not so dark you can still see a bit of eye through them when looking at someone wearing them. I love the ombre effect of the lens with them being dark at the top and lightening up towards the bottom. It looks very cool!

The glasses also come with a nice soft microfiber drawstring carrying bag for easy storing and keeping glasses safe while stored in the car, purse, etc.

The glasses are comfortable to wear for hours on end! The nose pieces are the perfect fit, and they sit nicely on my nose. No pinching of any kind. They are also easily adjustable as well. The glasses themselves are also very lightweight too so they are the perfect shades for wearing outside in the sun all day long! The lenses are also scratch resistant too, so I know they will last a long time as well! I was also really impressed to see that they have glare reduction as well! I didn't even realize you could buy sunglasses that way!

I love these sunnies and know I will be wearing them a ton! They look so incredibly chic, are so fantastically comfortable, and they are built to last too!

I was given this product in exchange for my honest review.

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