Love, Iris: Saint Noir Sunglasses Review



Saint Noir Sunglasses Review

Obsessed with these sunnies! I mean ABSOLUTELY LOVE them and they are so comfy and made amazing! 

I never thought I could pull off these sunglasses, but now I'm totally obsessed with circle sunglasses. I love how tinted deep purple they are. Plus you can't even see your eyes through them only if someones super close to you.

I haven't had any issues, they came in great condition and no discoloring, or chipping has occurred. I don't think these will have anything wrong with them through out the year.

When I put these sunglasses on, the sun glare wasn't even noticeable anymore. The UV tint is great and perfect for eyes that get annoyed by the sun. SO it's doing it's job greatly.

The tint is great with these sunnies and you will love them once you put them on! The frames are comfortable and no marks on my nose from wearing it and also no pain and it's a gain for that. I would recommend this to every lady or girl in town.

I received this product  for free in exchange for an unbiased and honest review, All opinions expressed here are my own. 

Don't forget to get yours here: Saint Noir Sunglasses

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saint noir sunglasses, circle sunglasses, circle sunnies,

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