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Exposed Skincare Acne Treatment Review

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Hey Guys! Today I’m reviewing a acne treatment called Exposed Skincare.
Acne Treating products are usually the hardest of any product purchasing ever right? It's always hard to figure out what you have and what to pair it with on your face. Basically you could of purchased a long time ago products that you thought would get along together then when you put it on your face you start to break out or start burning and no one likes that ever. Or it could end up worse on your face. 

My advice to anyone who is going to start a treatment this is what you should do specifically: Choose a kit that fits your face properly and find the line of products that works well and that go together well so you don't find out you can't use them at the same time.

If your looking for the perfect treatment Exposed SkinCare is what your looking for!

It consists of 5 steps for your routine for a clearer face and here it is:

Facial Cleanser: 
-Gentle Cleanser that will clean your skin without over-drying it. The salicylic acid will clear clogged pores, the Vitamin B5 regulates oil production and the Sage Extract detoxifies skin.

Clearing Tonic:
-Clears clogged pores and returns your skin to your Natural PH Balance. The tonic will rejuvenate with essential extracts and prepares your skin for exposed acne treatment. The salicylic acid clears clogged pores, green tea extract heals and protects skin and passion flower reduces inflammation.

Acne Treatment Serum:
-Formulated with advanced acne-fighting ingredients to kill bacteria and prevent breakouts. Benzoyl Peroxide kills acne bacteria, green tea extract heals and protects skin and Tea Tree promotes heeling.

Clear Pore Serum:
-Clears your pores and rebalances your skin while your sleeping. Natural extracts help repair damaged skin for a healthy youthful look. Salicylic Acid clears clogged pores, green tea extract heals and protects your skin and licorice root extract reduces inflammation.

Moisture Complex:
-Locks in moisture and rebalances your skin. Natural extracts promote cell renewal and reduce inflammation. Pumpkin seed calms irritated skin, green tea extract heels and protects skin and caffeine reduces inflammation. 

Derm-X Cloth 10"X10":
-Deep exfoliation brings younger skin to the surface, smooth and evening out your skin tone. When I used this; it made my skin have nothing on it. It got all my make up off and exfoliated all my dead skin cells that have been on my skin. I think this is perfect for anyone and it's on $10. I usually will put warm luke water on the cloth then scrub it on my face till I believe I got everything off of it. I will always use this cloth even when I'm finished with the treatment.

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My thoughts on the acne treatment:
-When I was younger I had so much acne and now I still get some but not severe but I'll end up with pimples all over my face and start breaking out. I think it's because I have oily skin and it makes me break out randomly in location's I really hate. 

When I used this skin I have red parts of my cheeks and pimples all over my forehead. I used it for 2 weeks now and I am on vacation, it's been clearing up better than just covering my face with make up to not show it anymore. I saw that the redness had went a little lighter and I believe after a month or so it should be gone. I don't see much "super" red on my face, it's kind of pink and balances out the color well. My forehead it clearing up and it's great! I just hated my forehead for that reason and now it's all getting better. On my chin its pretty much gone, but I had like 2 pimples but it's clear now and I'm happy for that. I love how my skin feels way baby smooth and I am so thrilled it has worked on my face well. I'm always hesitant to try stuff for my face since it always randomly breaks out with anything; this has been a miracle and so glad it is working fabulously on my skin.

This treatment is really delicate on your skin and it's better than most products that seem to think it will work magically over night. This takes time but after you will see tons of improvement!  I'm always going to use this brand because it works so well on my face. I do have super sensitive skin and if you do this will be great on your face and won't hurt you at all. It might hurt, but it didn't hurt my skin. So it might be different to other people but I don't think it should last with the hurt.

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