Love, Iris: Back to College Care for Your Car with Armor All Outlast + Giveaway!



Back to College Care for Your Car with Armor All Outlast + Giveaway!

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Tuition, what classes to take, getting school supplies and getting a fantastic parking permit to park near the campus is hard and complicated, but who needs complicated issues for your perfect car to go to college with? Going back to school during fall is crazy. I just got finished with summer semester and now I gotta look forward to my next classes for the fall. You always want to get the perfect outfit and make great impressions when you go to all those classes all day. You also need to take care of your car too. Which is why this is the easier part of life to figure out.
While I'm focusing on everything; I really need to get my car all nice and shiny and perfect for fall semester...and most importantly for winter! We get some crazy weather here in Utah, so it's best to get your car all ready for it. And Armor All Outlast is the perfect piece to use for your car cleaning!

If you or your family has college students you should get yourself or your family members this year and create a "How To College Clean Your Car" which is below on how I maintain this lovely challenger of mine! I know it's tough when you have essays, homework and test's, but make sometime to do your car. It will love you as much as your grades love you too. So just choose once a week or so on when you can to go and get that beast all clean and dandy.

How to College Clean Your Car:

1) Take everything single thing out of your car and put it in your house or next to the garage.

2) I start dusting before I vacuum, so when I'm dusting I use Armor All and clean all the places I can use it. The inside door, the dash, everything you see that isn't carpet I wipe off. Armor All always has me satisfied with every car I own right now! Especially my Fiat. That one is hard to get into some parts and it has helped with cleaning it well.

3) Vacuum the whole entire car and take the carpet rugs out if you have them then vacuum those on the cement.

4) Then wash your car with soap or take it to a car wash then rinse everything of it off and then wipe it with wipes.

5) When your done washing your car, I go and wipe all the water off then start with the wheels and use the Tire Gloss from Amor All and your tires will be looking shiny.

6) I use a Spray Wax to shiny up my car! Any spray wax will do, I don't use actual wax because it takes too much time, but the spray ones where you spray and use a towel to make your car all clean and pretty.

7) Then go and check if your car needs air pressure, an oil change, windshield spray or anything your car might tell you that you need done.

8) Now your finished and off with your beautiful car!
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Walmart always has so much stuff for your needs for all semester; after getting some paper and pens for school, I stopped by the automotive section picked up some great Armor All products for my car and to keep it all for the next semester or when I go clean my car again.
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We all grow up and need to be independent with our things in our life and your car is one of them, I hope that everyone in the world can prepare themselves or their children to make impressions and if your car is your baby why not keep it tidy and looking fabulous! So getting all the tools you need may be the best opportunity for your car. Also, you don't need to go to speed shops or anything to pick up some great items for a better financial statement in your bank and I got a great coupon for you to use on your next trip to Walmart: $2.50 off our Armor All Outlast products. Who doesn't love to save on anything that is money related?!
I love Amor All products and was excited to use it on this car since it's new and needed some cleaning. It's been in the garage so it's not like it's super dirty but needs to look good when I drive to school. I always love to schedule for all my cars I own to go and take care of it. During the summer I will go clean more and more since it's warm and not have to worry about being cold, but during the semester's I try to do it maybe once a week and just wash the car in the winter time and shine it all over.
One lucky person will win a $1000 gift card! 4 other winners will receive a $500 gift card. (Giveaway starts at 5:00pm EST on 8/7/2015) 

Armor All Outlast #1stImpressionsCount Sweepstakes

 What products do you use for your car and what tricks do you have for your back to school or college semester? I'd love to hear what your ideas or how you take care of your car.

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