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Billion Dollar Brows Review

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Hi everyone! Today's post is all about the company called Billion Dollar Brows, for this, my eye brows are really dark so it's a little hard to tell if mine have it on or not. I will do some swatches so you can see them on my skin as well. I'll show you at the end my eye brows before and after. Billion Dollar Brows will be at Kohls coming soon for only 34.99!! I'm obsessing over it, I never done my eye brows with a pencil since mine have too much brows haha. I always have to pluck them everyday or else they look bad. So glad that I got to review this item, it's a really great item to fix up your brows in a jiffy. You can do these pretty fast and not have to wear much make up at all.

Today I have these products I will talk about:
    -Universil Brow Pencil
    -Brow Duo Pencil
    -Smudge Brush
    -Brow Gel

This product is a holy grail product for me when I figure out how to use it better! 

I'm still trying to figure out how to make mine the perfect brow, but if you don't have lots of eye brows this product is worth getting for you! If your interesting in this product please check out Billion Dollar Brow online or at Kohls in October! Here's billion dollars brow link: Billion Dollar Brows

Universal Brow Pencil:
I love this pencil, it goes on smooth and light, but if you want to add more use more. I love how the opposite side works when you blend it in to the brows. It goes on safely and its easy to get off as well. I love it, if you use a little bit goes a long way!

Brow Duo Pencil:
I love how you can use the highlighter on this so you get definition to the brow so it shapes it well too. I used the concealer then I went over it witt the highlighter and it worked out perfect.

Smudge Brush: 
OMG, this smudge brush is absolutely amazing! I love how you can blend in the conceleor and the highlighter really well on your arch of the brow. It's the perfect smudge tool for even doing your eye make up as well! This brush is ideal for creamy make up such as the highlighter and concealer

Brow Gel:
After your finished with how your brow is, after make sure you use the brow gel so you get a perfect finish touch! I forgot to use it, but it still works with out it! Perfect for a polished and finished look.

Before and after:
The first one is just with my regular eye brows and the second one I fixed them so they are more straight with the pencil! :)
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Thank you Billion Dollar Brows for sponsoring this blog post!

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  1. I've never really done my brows either, mine are naturally pretty dark. I have been wanting to try out a pencil for awhile, though. Thanks for recommending this, I will have to keep an eye out for it at Kohls!


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