Love, Iris: Featuring a Post: Dogs + Yoga = DOGA!



Featuring a Post: Dogs + Yoga = DOGA!

How's it going everyone! Today is a special post, featuring a fun post from Dogvacay! They are a company that specializes in dog vacation for anyone, you can find pet sitters and lots of other stuff on their site! This article is from their blog, It's all about getting fit with your dog! I really think this is a neat way to get in shape while doing it with your dog! How lovely is this. Hope you enjoy this fun post featuring a post from Dogvacay! Check out their blog and site!!! Plus they have the most cutest animal pictures!!! :)
I hope you enjoy this feature! :)
Downward facing dog is no longer just for humans. Whether you’re an avid yoga practitioner or an amateur, self-proclaimed yogi, you may be compelled to try out a new trend in the world of exercising: Doga. Doga combines dogs and, well, yoga, to make for a relaxing health routine for humans and canines alike. Never done yoga with Spot before? No problem. There are multiple at-home workout DVD’s on the market that will teach you the ins and outs of doga, or, if you’re feeling reallydetermined, enrolling your pup and yourself in a doga class may be in order.
The doga concept was originated by Suzi Teitelman and her dog Coali. During her at-home yoga sessions, Teitelman noted that Coali seemed to be very intrigued at the practice, prompting Teitelman to work on poses with none other than her four-legged best friend, Coali. The idea escalated from there. Teitelman began conducting doga classes and soon enough, the practice became popular among the poshest of pooches.
Known as ‘dogi’s,’ doga practitioners work with their doggy parents on a variety of poses such as “upward-paw pose,” triangle pose, and balancing stick pose; they also provide pooches with a light stretch and massage. Doga may also include other exercises such as meditation and eye-gazing to enhance the human-canine bond, and because dogs are pack animals, they make the perfect yoga partner for strengthening harmony and unity with others.
Want to try out some doga poses with your own pooch? Try these out!

Flying Dog Pose (Above)

If your in the Salt Lake City Area you could check it out


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