Love, Iris: Skipping into Fall Fashion



Skipping into Fall Fashion

It's pretty sad that summer is almost over. This is more for a September photo, but it can work right now since we are "Skipping into Fall!" haha. I love these shoes sooo much, I get complimented everywhere I go, even at grocery stores, they probably think I'm weird since I wear these gladiator sandals there but they are so comfy! Anyways, I love leather jackets and a skirt it says Fall right there! Not excited for fall but it's all good, just don't like winter!!! Hope your having a wonderful day! So I did my first final, but it was more of a "take home finals" So not a bad final at all, thanks to a great communications teacher, but we still have class for our group presentations for monday and tuesday! But my math will be next thursday so hope I do soooo well on that one. I had to remake this photo so it's more of a summer to fall outfit. but you can check out my other one that's like this but only for fall fashion check it out (Here)

Leather Jacket: Shopko (Similar)
Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Windsor (Similar)


  1. Whoa! Those shoes are intense! I'm dying to bust out my leather jacket, but it is so hot and I have no a/c! I'm not quite ready!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :
    : the daily savant : Blog Lovin

    1. I know they are pretty exciting! It gets sooo child here in fall and winter so its crazy lucky you!


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