Love, Iris: Monday Blues with a Touch of Leopard + Snake Skin



Monday Blues with a Touch of Leopard + Snake Skin

Oh my goodness, I haven't been on in forever. Sorry, It's almost Finals week in a couple days and it's soooo crazy with all the test's I gotta study for. The only test I need to actually pass is the Math final. If you pass it you pass the class, if you don't then you fail the class, so it's kind of worrisome  Any how  here's a fun little look with leopard and snake skin! I love these looks with the blue tones of the dress. Don't you love it?! I will be posting more looks this week, hopefully finals goes okay. Today I had a huge speech to give to my communications class. It kind of sucked because I had to go first, I don't like going first, but only 4 people showed up on time so it wasn't too bad. Then everyone showed up so I was like woohoo!!! I hope you enjoy this fun blue dress I totally love from Australia! Glad I bought it online! See you all tomorrow!!
Dress: Fashion Ninja (Here)
Scarf: Macys (Similar)
Tights: H&M (Similar)
Wedges: Macys (Similar)


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  1. Love the dress, and your styling. You look great!

  2. Hi dear, interesting post and you have an awesome blog, did we follow each other already? if not, would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN, please let me know so I can follow you back! xoxo


  3. Love the touches of animal print!! Looks great with the blue. Thanks for linking up to Trend Spin and come back next week for Metallic :)

    Erin @ The Fashion Canvas

  4. I love dark tights! Can't wait for fall:)
    Thanks for linking up to Friday's Fab Favorites:)
    Boho Bunnie

  5. Good luck tackling your tests!! I love how you paired cobalt + leopard... getting me so excited for Fall!
    Thank you for joining the Trend Spin: Animal Print link-up. So happy to have found your blog!


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