Love, Iris: Summer Semester So Far!



Summer Semester So Far!

Oh my goodness. This semester is pretty fun, my math class is only 13 day's away from completing it. The other classes I'm taking are only 22 days left. I liked this semester so far, the teacher's are great, especially my English teacher! He rocks, he pretty much is the best English teacher ever, wish he taught the high English classes' like 2010 and 2011 (those are the actual class names for English) not the year. I'm excited for fall semester as well since I'm taking more classes so I can finish faster.

This is the calendar I have for the semester which is my math class, but I go everyday so it's pretty hectic sometimes. But as you can see we have only completed 5 weeks of my math class. My other classes started June 10th. So that's only been 2 weeks. For math though your final is the one that you got to get a 60% or above or you have to take the class again. I heard this class is the hardest math out of Math 1050 or higher, well they are all hard, but this one is challenging I guess. I'm good at math so I don't have to worry about failing the final. That's why you get the final practice then just go and do it over and over until it get's in your head. Haha.

Yes I did all my math home work 2 weekend's ago. Now all I got to do is study for all the test's that goes on. I thought it was wise to actually do the homework and not worry about it. The homework is due each class we go to. The section's we cover is due the next day.
My communication's class so far is awesome. The teacher is this cute little old guy, he has lots of information for us to learn, plus he put's the perspective in how we should do it in real life. Our test's are take home, which is nice so you don't have to be a book hog with the book. Only if you think communication's is fascinating. I'm not a English major I'm a science major so I'm not really interested in how to do business proposals or anything like that. You just have to take it to graduate for my Bachelors degree. But this class is a Easy A for sure, all you have to do is write essay's and give one speech so I'm thankful for that, I hate public speaking is not very exciting.
The Schedule
COMM 1010 – Elements of Effective Communication (CM & IN)
Summer Term, 2013
Week                           Activities                                                                                 Reading
TEXT PART ONE: Basics of Business and Professional Communication
#1.  6/10, 11, 13                   Communicating at Work: Communication and Career Success, The      Chap.  1
                                                Nature of Communication, Communicating in and Beyond
                                                Organizations, Ethical Dimensions of Communication.
                                                Communication, Culture and Work:  The Nature of Culture,                    Chap.  2
                                                Communication in a Diverse Society, Cultural Differences in
                                                International Business, Diversity and Ethical Issues, Communicating
                                                Across Diversity.
                                                Getting-Acquainted Activity
TEXT PART TWO: Personal Skills
#2.  6/17, 18, 20                   Principles of Interviewing: Interviewing Strategies, Types of                      Chap. 6
                                                Interviews, The Ethics of Interviewing.
                                                mation-gathering, career research, employment and performance
appraisal interviews, the ethics of interviewing.
The Interview Project Assigned
#3.  6/24, 25, 27                   Listening:  Listening at Work, Barriers to Effective Listening,                    Chap. 3
                                                Listening Styles, Listening More Effectively.
                                                Verbal and Nonverbal Messages: Verbal Messages, Nonverbal                Chap. 4
                                                Interview Project Part 1 Due on Thursday
                                                Improvement Proposal Assigned
                                                Mid-Term of Reading (Chapters 1 through 6 Distributed)
#4. 7/1, 2                               Interpersonal Strategies and Skills:  Interpersonal Skills and Success,      Chap. 5
                                                Sharing Feedback, Dealing with Difficult People & Situations,
managing conflict.
                                                No Class on the 4th of July
TEXT PART THREE: Working in Groups
#5. 7/8, 9, 11               Leading and Working in Teams:  The Nature of Teams,                      Chap. 7
                                    Leadership and Influence in Teams, Effective Communication
                                    In Teams.  Improvement Proposals Due on Thursday
                                    Effective Meetings: Types of Meetings, Planning a Problem-  Chap. 8
                                    Solving Meeting, Conducting the Meeting, Problem-Solving
                                    Mid-Term of Reading Due on Thursday
                                    First Group Meeting on Thursday
                                    Interview Project Part 2 Due Thursday
TEXT PART FOUR: Making Effective Presentations
#6. 7/15, 16, 18                       Developing and Organizing the Presentation: Analyzing                      Chap. 9
                                    the situation, Setting your goal and developing the Thesis,
Organizing the Body, Planning the Introduction &
                                     Conclusion, Adding Transitions.
                                    Second Group Meeting on Thursday
#7. 7/22, 23, 25                       Verbal and Visual Support in Presentations:  Functions of      Chap. 10
                                    Supporting Materials, Verbal Support, Visual Aids.                
Delivering the Presentation: Types of Delivery, Guidelines     Chap. 11
                                    For Delivery, Question & Answer Sessions, Speaking with
                                    Types of Business Presentations: Informative Presentations,   Chap. 12
                                    Persuasive Presentations, Group Presentations, Special-
                                    Occasion Speaking.
                                    Third Group Meeting on Thursday
#8. 7/29, 30, 8/1          Informative presentations all day Monday & Tuesday
                                    Final-Term of Reading (Chap. 9-12) Distributed
Fourth Group Meeting (Rehearsals) on Thursday
#9. 8/5, 6                     Group Decision-Making Presentations Due Monday & Tuesday
Final-Term of Reading Due on Thursday
Last Day to turn in any work for credit on Thursday
English Class:
I don't have a syllabus since the teacher does his own thing in class, but the syllabus online doesn't work so I will talk about how exciting this class is! He only has one test and just a couple essay's so this class is a Easy A too. He said his lowest grade for the 5 year's he taught is a B+, so that's not very bad at all. He like's to rip on you a lot in class, so it makes the class very fun, plus it's way awesome to have a teacher that makes everyone participate, instead of just lectures the whole time. It's always good to have fun in class.
Anyway's hope you had fun reading this whole thing, hope it didn't hurt your eyes.
I'll be posting next week some fun outfits.
See ya soon

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