Love, Iris: Review on Kardashian Sun Kissed Tanner



Review on Kardashian Sun Kissed Tanner

Today I'm doing this review on the sunless tanner by the Kardashian's. I bought it at ULTA, and this stuff work's, if your pale like me you have to use more than usual with this product. The first application works but on me I would probably would do two coats instead of one because it still looked kind of tan but not the tan you get on the beach. It says it takes 4 hours for color to show, but it will actually be 12 hours if you see the color develop well on me at least.
This tanner smell's like a caramel with something else I can't really think of right now, but it doesn't smell like those self tanner's that make you want to puke or never use them again.
I think this stuff is good for the price they have  (15 dollars) but I will experiment with more self tanner's and will do one on some that actually make you tan with first coat lol.
See you again soon!

 Now my legs are a little tan, but this was one coat, but it has a tint of "tan" if you wanna call it that way.
But I'm usually pale as snow white, so this is more better I guess.

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