Love, Iris: My fun adventures in Europe with Family Mobile



My fun adventures in Europe with Family Mobile

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In July, I wrote a blog post about my 5 tips of traveling with Walmart Family Mobile, and that time of travel is now. I have only done two countries, which are Ireland and London. I wanted to follow up on with what I have been up to in these two countries. The LG Grace LTE has been so wonderful on this trip to take fun memories and to also use the camera to take these photos. The LG Grace LTE has a lot of deals going on with their $49.88 TRULY Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data◊ from Walmart is a great deal you can't beat anywhere else. When you are searching before your trip you can use this phone to look up ideas, list them on your notes on your phone or even just save it by screenshot. While I was in Utah searching for things to do in all these countries I found these castles I posted on here.

I have been enjoying this phone since my last blog post and I cant believe the value and how great it is at taking photos. My experience has been fantastic so far and I hope you will have as much fun with your phone as much as I have been. I'm so glad that this has been a great deal than my previous plan. I was paying over $100 and being a college student is a lot of money to be spending on a plan, so sticking with this plan has been great. On my travels its perfect too. It fits in my little purse and its great at taking photos and creating some cute memories that I can go print out and make a scrapbook out of them.
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blarney castle, blarneys castle, england, europe adventures, ireland, london, walmart family mobile,

Dublin, Ireland

I have never been to Ireland and being in this country was so neat to see. Also look how green the grass is. One thing about Dublin is, Do Not Rent A Car. We rented one and it was the worst thing to have with us in Dublin. Its hard to drive during the Peak hours, but if you are driving early morning and late evening then you can do lots with the car or just go out into the country like we did. We saw lots of castles, we also went around and saw the Blarney Castle--which you ahve to go kiss the stone at the top of the castle. Apparently the Blarney's Castle is on the list of 99 things to do before you die. I didn't know that till I read it in the castle. Thought that was cool. Also, their food is so good, they have I think better Italian food for some odd reason in Ireland, never had home baked pasta in a restaurant before and it was super yummy. They have some good Irish food too, just depending on what you want to eat is up to you. Heres a couple of the photos my boyfriend and I took in Ireland. I have way more, but heres a couple for you to enjoy.

This is the Abbey Castle above. There is such cool history of what has happened in this castle like 900 years ago. 

London, England

I have been in London for one day, so I don't have a lot of info that I got in one day, but they have the yummiest food I had which was Mashed Pie, its like chicken pot pie, but with mashed potatoes on the side with gravy and the pot pie with different types of flavor. I thought that was quite interesting. Also, our airbnb hosts told us to go visit the Tower of London--which is impressivwe because you do not see bridges that look so extravagant and so elegant anywhere besides in Europe, but mainly in London, since these are the bridges I have seen and they are so exquisite. I also went to a popular town called Leicester. This town kind of reminds me of maybe Las Vegas with New York in it, if that makes sense. Its so much fun to play around in London. If you ever go here, go to the palaces, I'll be doing this on my trip and go see some crazy looking bathrooms. They have a bathroom I found on pinterest and the bathrooms are egg shaped. I'll update this post with more of my travels as soon as I get more.

You can Movie it up on the VUDU**

I also wanted to tell you if you are staying in a different country and want to chill and watch a movie which I have talked about on my original post. If you get on the plan with Walmart Family Mobile, customers will receive a free VUDU** movie rental credit which is valued at $7.00 each time they renew it with the service. How cool is that?! I love watching movies and just chilling on some nights in a different country and just lay next to your hunny and watch a nice movie. London has lots of perks, but if you are like me not from a huge city, then sometimes its nice to just sit in the room and chill.

blarney castle, blarneys castle, england, europe adventures, ireland, london, walmart family mobile,

◊ Does not include tethering. Video typically streams at DVD quality. During congestion, top 3% of users (>32GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds due to deprioritization. Please refer always to the latest Terms and Conditions of Service at

**Limited time offer. Available for lines active with the PLUS $49.88 plan only. VUDU enabled device and account required for digital viewing. Customers must be 18 years or older to open a VUDU account. Movie rental only available in the USA. Free movie rental provided in the form of a movie rental code to the value of a $7.00 VUDU credit. Movie rental code allows for selection from available movies for rent. May not be readily redeemable on all new releases. Code will be delivered within up to 24 hours of the effective account renewal date. Must be used within 30 days of receiving code. Offer is non-transferable. Limit 1 per customer. Additional terms and conditions on VUDU's website:

Any fun travel plans for you in the future or this summer?!

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