Love, Iris: Fragrance Outlet Review + Bamboo Fragrance



Fragrance Outlet Review + Bamboo Fragrance

I'm obsessed with yummy perfumes, so I decided to check out Fragrances Outlet a take a look at their store and OMG they have so many fragrances! It's a great store to find your favorites for a great deal. Today's fragrance is Bamboo by Franck Olivier. This scent is sooooo yummy! It stays on for a long time, which is actually nice to know. It seems all the fragrances from the outlet stays for a long time too. I got some samples that came with the fragrance and they stayed on all day too! 
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I've never heard of Franck Olivier and now I'm in love. The smell is just beautiful and not too powerful, kind of like a powder and flowery! It comes in a nice package as well and everything, came in a white box with a bow and when you open it it's the fragrance!

Franck Olivier Bamboo is such a delight and the sleep design of the bottle. Bamboo is a edition fragrance for summer and you will get the lovely floral blend but not overly sweet or harsh to wear. The scent smells like: Lily, rose, violet leaves and more. It smells so wonderful! I love it!

Bamboo is going to be my favorite summer scent and even for winter and fall! This bottle comes in 2.5 oz for only 72 bucks! It comes in different sizes or a set with lotion too. It's an exclusive edition so you know you're getting an amazing deal and a great scent too!

Don't forget to check out for this one and for more fragrances! You will love them because I do!

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