Love, Iris: 5 tips on how to get cozy for a movie night



5 tips on how to get cozy for a movie night

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I'm super busy for the next couple of semesters, especially this summer and fall semester with 20+ credits to hurry with this degree to get into PA school next year. 
I’m do doing Physical Therapy with autistic kids as my job, doing my blogging, going to school super full time (22 credits this summer), and still trying to find time for myself and seeing my boyfriend. Which is kind of hard sometimes.
So, I’ve decided that I need to make some time and get cozy for myself. I still need to focus on schooling, but instead of just studying all the time-- do some stuff early and then do something for myself, because I totally deserve it. Any of you deserve some me time too! How does it get better than this?!

I thought why not get cozy and time to share my love for myself and spend moments for me time!
I hope you enjoy my tips below of getting cozy with yourself.

5 TIPS To get cozy for a movie night for yourself

1) buy a gift for yourself

For me, when I buy myself something it makes me feel good, like if I'm going through something and I'm just not feeling myself, I normally will go buy like a outfit or something that will make me happy. Nothing to expensive, but just buy something for yourself or do something that you have never done and that will enhance what you have.

2) Put all electronics & HOmework OUt of Site

For me, when I have cell phones/iPads/homework all by me, I start playing with them and never try to do something for myself. I'm always doing homework on canvas and other homework's that I have printed out, and always have my iPads and cell phone always by me, so when I want to be alone and do something for me, I go and hide them in my backpack. Just stuff them in there and put your backpack somewhere in a different room.

3) snuggle in your bed with a blanket

Who doesn't love a comfy bed and a big comforter that will make you so cozy? It's perfect to come home to your bed and just relax in it while watching your movie that will soon happen.
Of course, put some cute PJ's on or something you love wearing and you will be the most cozy person.

4) eat some yummy ice cream

I normally eat healthy all the time, but when you need to treat yourself, why not have some Haagen-Dazs® ice cream while being in your bed.

5) movie time in your bed

I'm a big fan of just watching movies in my bed--it's the best ever and lets you just relax and no need to worry about homework or answering your phones (only if it's an important call). I will watch movies on my laptop or just my tv in my room. That is what I did this weekend, I picked up a Redbox® movie before my study session. Then I just went into my bed and snuggled and watched a movie and ate some Haagen-Dazs® ice cream! It's amazing how much a easy cozy night will make you feel. You all deserve to make yourself happy and enjoy your life, so always start by doing stuff for you!

So if you have a hectic schedule like me, do something for yourself and just get cozy in your bedroom alone or front room etc. It will make you feel better. That's how I get cozy and make myself refreshed every night.

However, I went to Walmart and picked up the Haagen-Dazs® in the ice cream aisle, just in case you wanted to know where this yummy ice cream is from.

Right now at Walmart, Haagen-Dazs® and Redbox® are teaming up to help you plan some me time for yourself. Buy 2 Häagen-Dazs® products at Walmart and earn a Free movie night from Redbox®. Text "Redbox" to 35350 for the receipt submission instructions, upload your receipt and you'll get a code for a free Redbox® movie night!

So, lets head over to any of your nearest Walmart's and plan for a perfect cozy night for yourself with Haagen-Dazs® and Redbox.
How do you get cozy for a movie night with yourself?!

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