Love, Iris: Women's Winter Beanie with Pom Pom



Women's Winter Beanie with Pom Pom

When I first got this I was like OMG so cute!! They are actually really pretty and comfy for winter time. I love wearing beanies for winter, spring and fall, so I'm glad I got them because Utah is having some weird weather and these are perfect when its snowing and raining. I've owned high end ones and these are basically the same with out the money involved. 

These beanies are super stretchy and are chunky and big. So if your into these types of beanies like me and keep your ears warm then these are perfect for you. You can even have your hair curled and its great with it too. I love having huge big curls with beanies so these are great for it. The pom poms are big and cute, I love them! I would not miss out on having these. I did get one free and had to buy the other one. I was like I wanted the pink and blue one and why not it's only 11 bucks! The pink one is soooooo cute :) 

The blue one is a dark blue, which I knew it owuld be dark since it looked dark! It's kind of like a midnight blue, but it's still cute, just wear some cute outfits and your perfect to go with the blue one. THe pink one is sooooo adorable though, I don't own a pink beanie and when I saw it; I had to have it. So I'm not disappointed in anything about this product. I don't have much negativitiy to say about it. 

This beanie is perfect for all weather besides the warmth.

Ohhhh, did I mention that the inside has wool or some kind of fleece material that will keep you warm when your walking on campus or somewhere freezing! It's great!!!

Get your beanie right here: Winter Beanie with Pom Pom

I received a sample of this product for free for my opinion!

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