Love, Iris: My Morning Routine For a Busy College Student with AcneFree



My Morning Routine For a Busy College Student with AcneFree

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I'm a college student and I'm always in a rush to get to class every morning, most of the time. It's because some day's I'm like, "I don't feel like driving 30 mins and looking for parking...then I really need to", or maybe it's because I'm still sleeping and don't really want to wake up. Every college student is probably thinking this is so true, but when it comes to my morning routines I need to find the fastest one. Doing this for a while (3 years), I think I have found the perfect solution for us college students, busy moms or even busy millennials. 

My MORNING Routine FOR BUSY College Students

Wash your face for a better tomorrow: This is probably the first most important trick to make your morning routine fast and ready. A face wash will beat your skin needs and your face will love you for taking care of it. My absolute favorite has to be the AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Acne Wash. It's a great face wash from their Daily Skin Therapy Line, a great new 3-Step line from AcneFree that helps rebalance acne-prone skin. It removes dirt and oil deep down to the pores and purifies the skin to help prevent breakouts and has a Pore Targeting formula + Patented Avocado Extract Technology that was shown to reduce oil and shine. When you find a product like this for your face your skin will love you. I am totally obsessed with this now after trying it. You can buy each product separately or you can buy all three to benefit from the full line. Buy it today at WalMart and start a healthy routine for your skin. 

Get the best results with pulsations: When you find a product for your beauty routine the faster the product works--the faster you'll be out the door. If you're looking for the best deep cleaning of your pores, then AcneFree Sonic Advanced Cleaning Duo is the best for your routine. The brush delivers 8,000 pulsations per minute! The Pulsations are channeled through a soft, comfortable silicone head to gently exfoliate your skin and remove dirt and oil. Therefore, 8,000 pulsations a minute is by far a fast speed for your morning routine.

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Therapy Pads: When you're stressing and trying to figure out if you have anything due that morning, you need to choose AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Pads, these pads are easy to use and you can do this in a couple mins to hurry up and go to that class. Using one of these pads will unclog pores and tone your skin. The soothing menthol leaves your face feeling refreshed and clean. So your face will be amazing and feel great while you're in a hurry to school.

Moisturize, Moisturize & of course Moisturize: Picking the right moisturizer is the hardest part of your morning routine. I feel like it's a job to keep my skin hydrated and feel baby smooth, but it's the best job to have! So if you're looking for the best one to keep it fast going and still keep your skin moisturized the AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Complexion Perfecting Cream this is a Lightweight Cream that contains Advanced Retinol Technology that allows controlled release of retinol throughout the day to reveal healthier looking skin. Gently Renews Skin's Appearance for a Cleaner Complexion. 

For a easy every day look with make up: If you have enough time after all these steps then I love to put some easy every day make up. I put on a tinted moisturizer as foundation, then mascara that lifts your eye lashes up and has volume, eye liner on the bottom eye line, blush (always put blush or else you won't look like you have color on your face if you're pale like me), then add some lipstick and lip gloss then you are ready for school.

Showering in the evening to not get sick: This is probably the best thing to do every night or every other night and don't forget to take off your make up and this is the perfect way to do so. When you take showers in the morning in my opinion, you are risking to get sick when your hair is damp during winter or cold morning. Showing at night is just better and when you take a hot shower and go to sleep you will feel amazing waking up the next day for school. Plus shower's can take a hour, so if you're in a rush, I would suggest you taking showers in the evening or even after work.

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