Love, Iris: iPhone 6 Plus Shock Proof Pink Case



iPhone 6 Plus Shock Proof Pink Case

If your looking for a cute phone case and secure one if you drop your phone a lot check out Pierre Bernard Phone Cases. I think this is the most cutest designed casing and of course it comes in pink! Who doesn't love pink right?. First of all, I love the hole by the logo of my phone because most of the time people are always wondering what type of phone I have when the logo isn't there; only if your a iPhone user and know what iPhones look like without the casing. I love this phone case when I go hiking or somewhere that I know I'll probably drop it just in case and it works! It covers most of your phone which is pretty great. The slots for all the accessories are good and have the holes for each part. The black part of the phone is made by rubber that is tough material that protects the phone. The turning the volume down and up is kind of hard but you get used to it. All cases have their cons and pro's but really enjoyed the design of it and the color! Rose Pink is the exact same as the photo when you order it.

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  1. Love this Darling:) Thanks For sharing:)
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  2. Wow awesome model with nice design. I like mostly black with mix any colors.
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