Love, Iris: How To Make Yourself Happy with SNICKERS®



How To Make Yourself Happy with SNICKERS®

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I'm a pretty busy person; I work part time in PT, go to school M-Thrs, blog on this and try to go out so I'm not going stir crazy! Usually early mornings I'm getting ready for work and blogging or getting posts ready to go live, then go to work, then go to class, but depending on the day!

Then it varies day by day, sometimes I go to class from 2-10 on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

So sometimes, I get really stressed out from my job and schooling together. I work really hard at work and then taking 17 credit hours is a little hectic. I try my best to get happy and thats where SNICKERS® come into play. 

chocolate, how to, how to make yourself happy, snickers, yummy,

You know why this SNICKERS®  makes me so happy in the photo? It's made out of some yummy toasted peanuts, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate. And who doesn't love SNICKERS®  I always love them, they have other different flavors but apparently at my Walmart they were all sold out. So I'll have to go get the other ones soon.

When I'm hungry, I'm just always worried my stomach will start growling in places where it's quiet; which it normally does! Thats why I bought a whole bunch of SNICKERS® so when I'm in class I'll have something to munch on and not have to be all angry when my stomach growls loud and annoying people in the class.
Soetimes, I forget to pack snacks when I go to class, so I'm never in a great mood or I feel sleepy and tired because there is no energy in my body!

How to Make yourself happy with SNICKERS®:

  • I try to not stress out at work or take some b-complex to make me not feel so stressed. If I do feel stressed chocolate is needed. Which is why SNICKERS® is always my go to chocolate bar to eat when I'm feeling stressed or sad.
  • I usually will go do some squats to focus on something else and who doesn't love to work out at your home at your leisure?
  • Space out your classes if you can, try not to take early morning classes then go to work....that will make you stressed out and make you sick. So scheduling is important. If you work at night then you can take them all during the morning and afternoon. 
  • Go shopping or make something with a friend/family.
  • Go on a date with your hubby or if you're single then find someone to take you out and you will feel so good! Make sure he asks you out...makes it much more wooing to yourself.
  • Take a hot bubble bath and just forget about anything you are thinking about.
  • Before you go to sleep write everything you are thinking at that moment on a piece of paper and then you can get back to it later. You need lots of sleep to make your body feel well; so why not get all that talk in your head and take it out.

Who are you when your hungry?! What are you obstacles to avoid not getting hungry or making your stomach not growl so loud. Do you love SNICKERS® ?!
Don't forget to check out the quiz below to see who you are when you are hungry!!!! :)

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