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Effortless Chicken Puff's

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It's the 3rd week of fall semester and there's so many test's and paper's that are due and of course University campus activities and football games, etc. I don't have much time to go and join clubs and stuff, because my schooling is so hard right now and I'm applying next year to medical school; so life is a bit hectic nowadays. So I always try to find the best things to eat and of course Walmart Marketside always has amazing option's so you don't have to worry about food and it's so effortless as well.

So if your looking for a effortless meal for your college days or if your a parent and have no time to make a endless course of meals; then your in luck, I have made below my favorite recipe and it's called Chicken Puff's and they are so easy to make and in 18-20 mins your done. You just need 5 ingredients and then it's all done. I went and picked up the Rotisserie Chicken, Coke and the macaroni salad at my local Walmart's Marketside Rotisserie Chicken Meal from the deli and their chicken is always fresh and juicy and perfect for this meal. I love how you can find it easily because of the huge sign on the deli; which is convenient. Also, if you are in the mood for pizza you can totally go and pick yourself up a pizza at the Marketside Pizza Meal just right next to the Rotisserie Chicken.

Isn't that just easy and effortless as well? I have bought some items when I don't know what else to eat from this deli and it's always easy to use their rotisserie chicken. Plus it's much more relaxing then making your own rotisserie chicken--I have a rotisserie and it's a pain in the butt sometimes to get it all done, and this is much more convenient. The other effortless way is that you don't need to clean up your rotisserie and you will just have to clean a minor part of your recipe which is the bowl!

Recipe will be at the bottom..

How To make chicken puffs:

#collectivebias, chicken puffs, chicken puffs recipe, coke products coca cola, effortless meals, recipe, rotisserie chicken meal, walmart, yummy food,

Step 1: Cut the chicken into cubes and put it in a bowl--Super easy right?!

Step 2: Put all the ingredients all on top of the chicken then mix all together and it will look like that above.

Step 3: Put as much as you want in the crescent rolls then fold them up like you are making rolls. I usually do a teaspoonful, but you can add as much as you want.

Step 4: Spray a Pan or a Plate like the one I'm using with Pam or what you like using, then put it in the conventional oven or a regular oven. I used my conventional Oven in the microwave.

#collectivebias, chicken puffs, chicken puffs recipe, coke products coca cola, effortless meals, recipe, rotisserie chicken meal, walmart, yummy food,

Step 5: Take it out of the oven and let it sit for a few minutes or when it's warm to eat; then that's all! Voila! Super duper easy and you can make this in 20 minutes!!! :)

Now you can serve with the macroni and coke that came with the rotisserie meal! Yummy Yummy! Are you ready to eat now?!

Chicken PUFFs Recipe:

  • 1 rotissorie chicken
  • 1 cayenne pepper chopped
  • 1 jalapeno pepper chopped
  • 1 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper powder or as needed
  • 3/4 cup of cream cheese
  • 6 tablespoons of butter (melted)
  • 2 cans refrigerated crescent roll dough
  • Preheat Oven to 400 degree's (F)
  • Cut the rotissorie chicken in little cubes or shred it; how ever you'd like to chop it, then put it in the bowl.
  • Get the cayenne pepper thats chopped and jalapeƱo pepper thats chopped and put it on top of the chicken in the bowl.
  • Put the cream cheese and butter thats melted on top and mix it all together!
  • Get the crescent rolls and lay them on the counter and start putting a tablespoon or how much you want inside the roll. Then roll it up and put it on a pan or plate of your wishing.
  • When the oven is up to 400 degree's put the pan or plate in the oven and cook for 19 minutes or until it's golden brown and the rolls are fully cooked.
  • Then let it rest for a few minutes or when you feel like eating them and then eat them :)
  • I usually eat these with fry sauce, bbq sauce or ketchup!
Bon Appetite! :)

Have you ever tried the rotisorrie chicken from walmart?!

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