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My Morning Routine with Bioré®

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Growing up I've learned that it's always best to take care of your skin daily, morning and night time.
Some days I go with out washing my face and not have anything wrong with it and then there are those other days that you end up having tons of pimples everywhere and breaking out and it's like, "OH LORD". My face has changed since I was younger. When I was younger I had tons of pimples and it was just a mess. Now my face is clear and some days I'll end up getting pimples but not always.
When I went to Target a couple weeks ago; I came across Bioré®'s new Natural Charcoal line and self heating mask. Bioré®' Natural Charcoal Cleanser is just amazing and the "Charcoal" Effect is in now a days.
Bioré®'s Self Heating One minute Mask contains "Natural Charcoal" known for its ability to draw out and trap deep-down impurities. Who doesn't love that?! I do! I'm obsessed with these two for my morning and evening routine.
Below this next image is how I do my Morning Routine which is basically my night time routine too.

My Morning Routine:
1. First, I put my hair up in a ponytail so my hair isn't all over my face, then I look to see if I have anything wrong with my face such as: pimples, scares, freckles that don't look right.

2. Second, I use the Bioré®  Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. This cleanser won an award for "Best Face Wash" by People Magazine in 201 && US Weekly Featured "Celeb Skin Secrets" with Brittany Snow!!!
Anyways, Basically I normally just wet my face before I put this one and then I put the cleanser in my hands and it creates a foam type soap that you apply to your face. The cleanser has a fun thing that happens, makes your face cool and has a great smell. Who doesn't want a great smell on your face. I haven't broke out or anything with this cleanser--which is just amazing. Sometimes I break out with tons of stuff and it's never fun at all. When applying, I apply like I would put foundation on and make circular motions to cover your face and to get all the dirt off.

3. Third; I use the Bioré® Self Heating One Minute Mask. After scrubbing with the charcoal Cleanser, I use this to make my face all pretty and who doesn't want to take only one minute to make your face all pretty before you go. Did you know that it Purifies Pores 2.5x better and a unique formula heats on contact to open pores and remove pore-clogging dirt and oil. I just put this on like putting on any mask and then let it sit till it feels dry on my face or after one minute. After I would wash my face with warm luke water and then my face is baby soft in a way and no pores on my nose or anywhere you can see. I love it!

4. Last but not least, I put my favorite moisturizer then do my make up and i'm ready to go!

I don't normally do this everyday because I don't want to hurt my face by doing this every day, so I do it every other day when I wash my hair and body and then you will feel amazing. Sometimes it's good to skip a day so your skin can relax and not go crazy. I'm really impressed with how these two products work together and I recommend it for everyone :)

What is your morning routine that you do each day?!
Don't forget to check out Biore at Target! :)

If you want to know more; check Target here! While your at target, don't forget to check out the Bioré® Natural Charcoal collection!

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