Love, Iris: 14 Days of Target Denim Review



14 Days of Target Denim Review

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When I think of target I always think, “OMG, how awesome is their clothing?” If you haven’t checked out their new denim at, you gotta do it! Check out more of my review below and my fun outfits I put together each day!

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How did each type of Target denim fit your body and shape?
-Each of them had a different type of fit on me. The two pairs of skinny jeans were amazing and I never thought I’d look good with shorter skinny jeans because of my height. The boyfriend jeans were super awesome; I love how comfy they are and they fit pretty well—a little awkward by my ankle but I still love them. The really flared ones I used to wear when I was in middle school and I was like yay! They fit really well. The problem I always have had with flared ones is they didn’t fit right and these fit right. What I mean is they are tight where your thighs are then flare.

How did Target denim meet your priorities/expectations for a well-fitting jean?
-I was surprised with this denim; I normally have a hard time with finding the perfect pair of jeans and these were amazing. At first I was like, “Light blue Jeans” and say oh no. Usually light blue jeans make me look bigger on my legs than I really am and I was really surprised when I put them on. I was like YAY!!! They didn’t make me look big or anything. That’s what I was really worried about. Some jeans always make me look way big and I don’t like it. These jeans were great for it.

How did each pair of jeans you tried fit with your personal taste, current style or wardrobe?
-I normally wear jeans during the fall and spring because I get sweaty in them during the summer heat, but I made the most of it when it wasn’t hot around here. I always have loved skinny jeans so they are always my personal taste, but the boyfriend jeans and the flared jeans I had to figure out what to wear with them and I love to challenge myself with new ideas with them. 

Which pair did you end up wearing most often and why?
-I wore the dark blue jeans as capris for summer and the boyfriend jeans a lot. When I go back to work (since I have the summer off from my job in physical therapy) I will be wearing the flared ones and more. It’s just too hot to wear jeans in Utah at this time, but I wore the dark blue ones and the boyfriend jeans the most!

How did Target denim help you with body insecurities, trying new styles, or updating your wardrobe?
-I have a huge insecurity with my upper thighs since I don’t like my legs; I always have a hard time wearing jeans because I think they make me look fat. When I tried all these on, they didn’t make me look fat they made my legs look skinnier than normal, or maybe I have been working out and my legs are looking better than before. Who knows, but I’m really getting used to the light blue jeans because I normally wear the washed ones or the dark colored ones and all these are perfect. The flared jeans—I’m so excited about them, because they will be great for my job and I don’t have to wear only skinny jeans and I can wear something way different.

Did the selection of styles make you step out of your comfort zone at all? What was that like?
-Yes it did. I haven’t worn jeans that were a little short for me but they worked out great. Especially the dark blue jeans, they can be jeans or capris like I did in some of the pictures. When I do them in the capri way it’s perfect for summer and everything. Then for winter I can put some long socks and then boots then your legs wont be freezing when they are shorter on me. I normally get really long long long jeans since I’m 5’10” and it’s hard to find jeans but these worked. I liked the flare too. Those are way different then what I normally wear now a days.
High Rise Flared Denim Review:
-These were a bit big on the top so I will go fix them; so I would go a size down or two on these jeans, but other than that they are perfect and they are really long. When I wear flats they go to the floor. I haven’t worn these since I was in like elementary school or middle school so it’s awesome to see these. I have always wanted a pair but normally they were never long enough for me; so these are perfect and long. So no one will have a problem with these.

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Boyfriend Destroyed Jeans Review:
-These boyfriend jeans are my freaking favorite ones. I’m obsessed with the destroyed denim look. I’ve never owned a pair until now and I’m so thrilled they sent me these. They are so comfortable and go easily with anything you wear. You can wear these with a crop top, a tank, or any type of top you want to wear, even an oversized top would work perfect. 

Dark Blue Denim Skinny Jeans Review:
-These jeans are great for all the seasons because you can make them into capris! I love how you can make them into capris or just skinny jeans. On me it’s a bit shorter but they will work for winter. I will put some long socks and put on my boots and no one would even know they are short. I have seen some people wear jeans that are a bit shorter than normal on them, but it worked really well on them. So I’m really thrilled about that. You will love these and they are stretchy as well. If you like that these will be your favorite jeans.

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Light Blue Skinny Jeans Review:
-These ones make my legs so toned and I LOVE IT! So if you’re looking for a great pair that will make your legs toned and look amazing these are the perfect pair. These are still like capris on me so like the other skinny jean I will just wear thick socks and boots and it will be great for fall and winter wear. I love them and they are stretchy too, not as stretchy as the dark blue pair but fairly stretchy. 

All these jeans are basically now my favorite jeans out of my other jeans! I can’t wait to style them for fall and winter wear! :)

What do you think about these Target Jeans?!

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