Love, Iris: Get a Summer Tan with ThermaLabs #thermalabs



Get a Summer Tan with ThermaLabs #thermalabs

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I am mostly pale and sometimes I will burn in summer; my arms are usually tanned from the windows of the car and being out side...but my legs and body are never tanned! So...when Thermalabs contacted me to try their Golden Standard Natural Self Tanner which promises a natural glow for all skins, I was so excited and said Heck Yes! I have used so many different tanning products. Plus most of the color turns me orange and i'm like NOOOOOO! So this is perfect and it doesn't even smell like self tanner...smells more like lotion.
The Thermalabs Natural Self Tanner Promise:
"We believe in our products to such an extreme that we can offer you 100% money back, no questions asked, guarantee! If you're not fully satisfied with the results of our self tanner - we will give you your money back. This purchase is worry-free, as we will never charge anyone if they don't fall in love with our product."

My Thermalabs Experience:

When I tried this, I used gloves on so I didn't have to get it on my hands and turn tan because who want's to be like, "Hey look at my palms" haha. Plus it will just look funny anyways. So this product isn't colored, it's more of a white lotion and absorbs really quickly when putting it on. It's hard to tell if your putting it all over and your getting the application everywhere. So just do one section at a time. Like your forearm's, then move to the shoulder part and then do section's by sections and you will be fine. For the dry areas I will put the self tanner with my lotion and mix it together so it goes on evenly and it won't be patchy.
The smell of the tanner is super good. It doesn't even smell like a self tanner, smells floral and sweet and you can smell it the next day and the next day. This is probably not good if your skin doesn't like scented products to put on. The great thing about this; it doesn't have a chemical smell--I hate those tanner's that smell super gross and when your around people; everyone's like "What is that smell...". So anyways, the tanner takes about 20 mins to actually fully absorb. At first I was like why is this not working; and then later on I saw the color of the tan to work. I think it's best to do it when you go to sleep and wake up the next day with a natural tan color! This doesn't even leave me orange or anything, made my legs super tan as the picture. I think I put more than I should since I'm super white and I thought a couple application's would work. I think on my legs I did it 3-4 times on the application. So I think 2 would be good if your super white. I was playing around to see.
So it says it lasts for 2 week's, but mine was kind of fading after a week was over. So a week is pretty long; but if you shower and work out a lot it fades. So it's good if you don't do all the things I do in my life. I think it's a great product though.

Buy Thermalabs:

You can buy Thermalabs Natural Self Tanner for only $22.98 for a 7oz bottle (this would last me about a month or something; depending on how much you put on).

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