Love, Iris: Anjolee Engagement Ring Jewelry Review + Outfit



Anjolee Engagement Ring Jewelry Review + Outfit

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I have to admit, I love diamonds; but what girl doesn't? I'm obsessed with adorably sparkly diamonds (My best friend has some of the most amazing rings that her so called "sugar daddy" gave her, and it's so beautiful and I was like OMG and every time I see her jewelry I'm like I totally need to get some beautiful jewels in my that I'm a college student but soon!). I'm not married or anything, so I thought this post would be perfect for those that will be married soon or need to get another ring. If I ever get a husband I would tell my husband, "I want a super duper sparkley one!"...if he asked me what type of ring I would get. When you hear the song, "Diamons are a girls best friend" is so true. Thank god someone wrote a song about it right? 
I was contacted by Anjolee Jewelry and asked if I would review their Diamond Jewelry, and of course who wouldn't deny this opportunity to own a engagement diamond ring :).  What I saw was so pretty and thought why not! They have really pretty jewels on their site and I'm like this is so perfect for those soon to be wed ladies out there. Tell your husbands about this jewelry line.
Talking about being a women, you always have to be picky with your jewelry...Don't you think? Yes, this is a review post so I can't get a big diamond ring or not, but this is so beautiful. When I get done with schooling I will have to come back to Anjolee and buy me a perfect diamond ring. Who cares if I'm not married you can totally just wear it and have so much fun with it! Plus if you want those creepy guys to leave you alone, just swap the ring on the ring finger and be like, "Well I'm married so please leave me alone"....Thats when you get a big chunky ring....or get a sugar daddy too. LOL just kidding, if you get one then I root you on girl! :) 
Anyways, lets get back on the root to Anjolee...The best feature on the site is you can create and customize your own jewelry piece...Never heard of that, most of the time you just look at the ones you like and try it on then they make it to your size. But but but....Anjolee is different. You can create your own diamond jewelry custom ring, which is just perfect for everyone. Sometimes you don't like what they have and this will be great for you and you can make it and say this is the, "so and so" ring by me! Wouldn't that just be exciting to say to your friends and everyone you see
Below I am writing about the ring and my outfit...
anjolee diamonds, anjolee jewelry, anjolee review, diamond jewelry, engagement ring, hybrid fashion, hybrid fashion dress, review on diamond jewelry,
Anjolee’s PhilosphyAnjolee is dedicated to providing the top-level of service to its customers Trained customer service representatives are ready to provide excellent help via telephone chat and email support 7 days a week. The company truly makes every effort to extend their commitment to quality throughout al aspects of the company. Whether looking for product information, recommendations or advice, or have questions about their policy, an Anjolee Representative will gladly assist.
Anjolee’s commitment to customer satisfaction includes the highest standard of quality for each of their products While maintaining competitive prices, the goal is to make your internet shopping experience surpass shopping in a store. Being the manufacturer enables the company to offer each jewelery item in a large range of sizes, diamond carat weighs, gold carats in yellow or white, or platinum, thus creating many price points for each product. These various combinations and their unique manufacturing process allow customers to customize any product based on individual tastes and budgets. 
The high quality images throughout the website illustrate jewelry item in its finest detail. All jewelry on the site can be viewed in 360 degree angle, by clicking on the 360-Rotation links that are found throughout the site. This exciting feature allows customers to carefully examine each jewelery item before making a purchase. 
Anjolee guarantees the quality of their products will go beyond expectations and takes every step possible to ensure customer satisfaction from the point of sale to delivery. Your comments and thoughts are greatly valued, and your feedback is used to continually improve their level of service.
My Thoughts on this Diamond Jewelry Engagement Ring...: While the philosophy of Anjolee is just amazing, they say that the customer satisfaction means the world to them and I can see how that would be important. Even though this is what they do...I'm obsessed with this ring.

When I received this ring, I couldn't be more happier. Everyone at my work was saying you should bring it to work...but working in health care it's a bit hard to have it on and washing my hands so much...So i have to be like sorry, I can bring it but not wear it...Anywho...Anjolee is just amazing and their rings are perfection to diamond and they are simply chic. I know this ring is simple, but it makes you elegant in all ways possible and wearing this dress is amazing as well. 
I highly recommend this company for future wedlocks and anyone that is wanting diamond jewelry.
Let me know your thoughts on this piece in the comments :)
anjolee diamonds, anjolee jewelry, anjolee review, diamond jewelry, engagement ring, hybrid fashion, hybrid fashion dress, review on diamond jewelry,
Outfit Details:
Dress   Pink Purse Pink Sandals   (Here in Black // Here in Mint) | Sunglasses |


  1. You look so adorable! And I love Anjolee! I was sent one of their rings a while back and it is so gorgeous! My mom borrows it from me all the time! hahaha!

  2. Loving that dress on you! The ring is absolutely adorable; i's so delicate. You look stunning!
    We Shop in Heels

  3. Very cute dress! That ring is stunning! You hair is so pretty!
    Have a great day and see you soon!


  4. Lovely dress Iris, and I love a good diamond ring as well.
    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  5. Love your lacey dress and your fabulous ring! Thank you for linking up with SHOE AND TELL on Style Nudge!!


  6. Oh yes, diamonds are a girls best friend. Who doesn't love some bling?


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