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Shopping With Me: Valentines Day

I'm going to start making a shopping with me edition by me every Tuesday and Thursday.
Basically I will post things I am buying or help with what you can buy for different occasions as well or just regular days too.

Today's post is all about the love of Valentines.  With Valentine's Day approaching I've found some adorable pieces for what I love for valentines day. I rounded up pieces that are red, pink and heart shaped items. I'm obsessed with pink's and red color's for a outfit on me. I think pink is such a attractive color that makes you look flattering in any occasion. If you haven't experimented with pink or red; believe me you need it in your closet! 
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Clothing Links:
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I'm always looking for the cutest pink items, I think that summer is such a pink color...well for me so I'm still looking for that perfect pink dress still but these are just too cute of items to even turn down! :) I love them

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