Love, Iris: My First Influenster Box: The Deans List VoxBox



My First Influenster Box: The Deans List VoxBox

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 Influenster is a free-to-join community of trendsetters when you sign up you can be able to get their samples of the VoxBox and other programs and you get tons of coupons to clothing stores, or anything they have on their and you can use them on your next purchase. The voxbox is totally free of charge in exchange for your opinions in reviews and other social media influence. You could sign up and start getting awesome boxes filled with delightful things! 
Here's my reviews of the items and the picture of all the items!

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 Influenster above comes with tons of fun items! Check them out below and my reviews of each one:
kiss eyelashes,, eye lashes, false eye lashes review,
 Kiss Eyelashes are so cute, I'm not sure how to put them on. I've watched tutorials and they look easy to put on, but for me I had some issues putting them on. They look awesome, but I think its my eyes or I'm just not used to putting them on your eyeline. Maybe if I get the hang of putting them on then I will show you guys on instagram! 
Anyways, if your great at putting them then these are pretty awesome to have, they make your eyes just pop! 
softlips cube lip balm, softlips, lip balm, chapstick review,
 Softlips Cube Chapstick is my new favorite chapstick! I'm really obsessed with it and I love chap sticks. I know you can get addicted to them, but come on for winter time it's the best to keep those lips all smooth and lovely and not chappy. You should totally get this if you love lip balm this is probably just amazing and it smells really wonderful too! 
watermelon flavor cough drops, throat drops, cough drops,
 Ludens Watermelon Cough Drops OMG, I had these in high school and just had them for munching on and not for sore throat really, they taste so good for a cough drop! I haven't seen these in forever, so now I'm so happy I got some from this box! :) I love watermelon flavor so these are my favorite, I was always looking in Walmart for them but they aren't there, now I know where to get them now at Walgreens!!! Woohoo! 
I'm not too sure if these actually work on sore throats but I don't normally get sick since I take Immuniglobin to help me not get sick since I work with kids/people that always have some sort of sickness, so I don't know if these actually will work but it's still hot here in Utah so I don't know if I will get sick or not. 
playtex sport, playtex tampons,
 Playtex Sport Tampons I'm allergic to tampons so I don't use them, but if you do I think they are probably great for working out or anything while your running around etc. So I can't really tell a great review since I'm allergic to tampons, so I think you can just try them for your self and see! :)
no texting while driving campaign, red nail polish, sinful colors nail polish,
 Sinful Colors Nail Polish: Great colors and comes in so many more as well. I haven't had the chance to do my nails but I'm so excited to try it. This company is trying to enforce no texting while driving and it's a great idea! I looked at the nail polish and its a vibrant red for STOP, just wish it would actually work on some people while driving. Everywhere I'm driving everyones texting it's like just pull over and text. 
pilot pens, frixion ball pen,
 Pilot Pens is such a great pen to write with, goes smoothly and is pretty amazing for school or if your in a hurry to write something down. I use these on my notes when I don't have my lap top with me and they are so perfect for writing and they don't get ink all over your hand either and drys up fast!

I also got a bag of Air Heads candy, but deleted the photo for some odd reason. Anywho, The candy is just absolutely my fav, I love candy and chocolate! So if you haven't had the air heads chews you got to try them! :) You'll love them!

All products here were received for free for testing use.
All opinions are my own.
Thanks so much for reading! :)


  1. Wow! This is a great Influenster box and you did a great review on each of the products. The soft lips cube looks like something I would use... I've never seen it before, but will look for it now. I was sent some false lashes in one of my previous Influenster boxes and it took me an hour to get them on, I had never tried them before. I really loved them, but I could 'feel' them on my lashes, which was kind of weird.

  2. I love my chapstick so I could totally get behind that!

  3. Great box girlie! Love the polish color.

  4. What a fun box! I love the variety of items. Thanks for sharing.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  5. I love infleunster, isn't it fun

  6. Thanks for letting me know. Looks like you got a bunch of nice goodies. Love the pens and nail polish and that candy sounds yummy!


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