Disclaimer: it was humid and my hair wasn't working very well. This is the final product when its humid for me!
Sorry these turned out all bad quality. 
Next tutorial will be my Glamours Curls! :) Better photos with my photographer soon as well.
Hope your okay with these.
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How crazy right? Its way fuller and huge curls are the best! Now here's my tutorial of how I do my curls:
What you will need:
- Brush- any type is fine for brushing your hair
- heat protectant and curl enhancer spray (if you hair doesn't hold a curl...this is what I use)
- 25mm wand or a 1 inch curling iron/wand
- hairspray
-Extensions (optional-I use it to give my hair more volume and it holds my curls more easy)
-Curling iron glove (Optional- if your used to curling with a wand then your fine, if your new to curling wands, I would recommend using a glove so you don't burn your hands)
- I have too much hair so I use a big clip to hold all my hair while I curl

How I do my hair:

Step #1: Spray your hair with heat protectant all over then brush it so it goes all over. Section off your hair from the bottom, I do about 5 sections going up since I have a lot of hair; then add your extensions in then we can start curling. If you don't have extensions it's totally fine, you can still do it with out extensions. :)
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Step #2 I start at the bottom of my hair, then pull the rest up and clip it. Spray some of the curl enhancer on one of the sides, then brush it out.  The trick I use for the bottom and going up, I hold the curling iron up and sometimes down--today we will do it up for the first couple of sections. I will take about 1 inch of hair and start curling it. I wait about 8-13 seconds or if the hair feels hot I will then take it down (don't hold it too long). I just leave the curl as is, the curl will loosen up when you keep doing the rest of your hair. Then repeat for the next sections and I will see you at the top. I tend to keep the bottom more loose so it flows better.

Repeat for the next sections going up....

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Step 3: Now I'm at the top, this gets a little tricky sometimes with my hair since it doesn't always want to hold a curl. You have to point the curling iron down for the top part of this and hold it a little longer so it will make it more curly and to blend in with the rest of the hair. You basically do the same things: Spray, brush then curl holding it down.  I usually have to do my bangs multiple times to get it to be where I want it to be. Then you can mess it around and make it how curly or how wavy you want it.  Then put as much hairspray as you want. I use the one that you can still brush through it and it's not sticky or hard on your hair.
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Tada this is how I do my hair. This style works with just about every length and texture of hair so no worries! Also the curling enhancer makes them hold the curls and it helps to last all day and into the next day (they are more loose). Just remember, I don't normally do it on humid day's or else it doesn't work well with my hair. You can now do this all year around. I love it in the fall and winter since it's not so hot and your curls wont get all greasy and all sweaty when your in the summer.

I love this look because you can be wearing a really casual outfit and you can still look pretty amazing because of the big curls. 

PS: I was tired when I did these, sorry if I look all weird, I have been writing 2 (15 page papers due soon), so I'm pretty tired and other tests as well. Oh the life of a college student. 

Let me know if you have questions about this; you can email me or just leave a comment asking!

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  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2014

    :) yay! Awesome stuff, you look lovely. Good luck on your papers and tests! Blogging is a nice break though! Rachel xo btw- DXMall items I ordered and giveaway is on the blog :)

  2. Your hair is so lovely! Love the curls, and great tips. My stylist curled my hair and she mentioned to curl vertically to get those curls to stay, it is tough in NC when it gets pretty humid !
    from the link up, jess
    please stop by

  3. You have fantastic hair!
    thank you for this lovely tutorial!
    Great result!

  4. Your hair is gorgeous. Good tip about holding the barrel vertically.

  5. Great hair tutorial Iris, love your hairstyle :) Pinned !!

    Thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays :)

    1. Beautiful post :) pinned and featured this week at the hop ..

  6. Your hair always look AMAZING!
    Dawn Lucy

  7. Your hair looks amazing! Great tutorial!

  8. Your hair is always flawless Iris. A part of me regrets cutting mine off for the Summer. But thanks so much for this tutorial. I am saving it and pinning it and once my hair gets longer, I will come back to it.


  9. Iris you have hair that people pay a lot money for.
    I love your hair straight and curly!
    Thank you for the lovely tutorial!


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