Love, Iris: Party in a White Dress – Option for Plus Size Ladies Included!



Party in a White Dress – Option for Plus Size Ladies Included!

Who doesn't love a pretty white dress and some cute accessories? I do! I found this perfect dress from TopShop I was like this is just so gorgeous, I also put a link for a similar plus size option from One Stop Plus and it’s as pretty as this (I hate to admit it, but I'm not always so good at providing plus size options with my posts, so I added a few to ensure I don’t leave anyone out!). I think this would be a perfect assemble for a bridal shower (if they have a fun night out ya know) or just a fun party outfit to go out clubbing or any type party. I love anything with a tutu inside the skirt of the dress, it always makes it super fun and flatters any part of your body. I thought this cute hair bow from ShopBop was perfect, if you wear a big bun then just stick it to the back! I've always wanted to try doing that type of hair style, but I have so much hair and I'm not sure if my bun would come out later on during the day, so I just stick with curling my hair haha. Latley I've been loving clutches, I really need to get some more clutches in my life, this one would be perfect with this type of outfit, or a little black dress and so on.
I hope you have a lovely day!
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  1. OK that is the most gorgeous little white dress. Super love the bow, too. =)

  2. beautiful dress! love white!
    thanks for your comment the other day ;)


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