Love, Iris: Summer Loving – Option for Plus Size Ladies Included!



Summer Loving – Option for Plus Size Ladies Included!

I know it's still spring, but I believe Summer is here, the nice warm days warm nights and those cozy times just hanging outside and not worrying about freezing your butt off.  I'm really glad it's almost summer, I'm just sick of the really cold days and winter. So thankful that it's getting warmer, I love it when it's 85 or higher in degrees, I know I'm  weird but I'd rather live in the hot then in the cold. Utah probably doesn't have the worst winter, but it's still cold and I hate driving in snow! Today, I'm choosing some cute items that I thought would be perfect for summer! I love anything that's lace and just too cute, like those polka dot pumps...right? I found the perfect lace tunic from Tory Burch and a plus size clothing option that’s similar and just as pretty (I hate to admit it, but I'm not always so good at providing plus size options with my posts, so I added a few to ensure I don’t leave anyone out!) I'm also featuring some other cute thing's I'm loving for these summer days and nights. 

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My favorite summer loving item's:


  1. Great choices, the lace dress and dotted heels look fabulous! :)

  2. Impressive style! Pastels are so IN for Spring '14. :-)

    Check my new #OOTD post: Floral Fantasy

    Lil Miss Bianca

  3. I love love love the mint purse! I especially love the bow on it. So cute!


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