Love, Iris: Pink + Chevron Maxi Skirt + The Haunted Old Mill Story



Pink + Chevron Maxi Skirt + The Haunted Old Mill Story

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Pink Cami Top: Downeast Basics (Similar // Similar) // Butterfly Infinity Scarf: Forever 21 (Loving This // So pretty!)// 
Chevron Maxi Skirt: Windsor Store (Similar // Similar) //

A fun chevron skirt is a must in my closet. Sorry for just the one photo, these photo's didn't come out the way I was hoping it would, so you guy's will just have to love the "one photo". I love this skirt, it's my skirt I could live in for days if I wanted to. It's so light weight for all types of hot weather, plus you will not get hot in it since it's basically very light weight. You can wear this in the spring or fall too, just wear a pair of leggings underneath LOL. I bought this skirt last summer from Windsor Store, but they don't have it anymore I don't think? When I wear this I have to pull it down so it touches the ground, or else you can see my feet, and I think the purpose of these skirts are supposed to be long not short. Sucks being tall!

These photo's were taking by the Old Mill, this place is pretty sweet. Not sure if you can see the big looking castle behind me, but it's apparently haunted and you aren't aloud to go inside. One time my friends and I {in high school} were around this area; heard this screechy noise and we looked up and the window at the top of the castle randomly opened and no one was there (we did this at like 12 am). I was like YIKES! It scared the heebeejeebee's out of me! I was like I think it's time to leave! LOL. The window is still open, it's kinda creepy if you think about it.
If your ever in Utah, go to Cottonwood Canyon and you will be able to see it, you can even get close to it, but you can't get into it.
There's tons of crazy stuff about it.

You can read some haunted stories here in this article about it {Here's the Article}
Have a great day!

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  1. Love me some gothic, creepy, haunted stuff. That's cool about the castle, they should allow tours (hey it's $) in their pocket. I like your maxi skirt, very lovely. Rachel

  2. Lovely colors! That chevron skirt is super cute.

    Style by Joules

  3. That is so beautiful! The pink top with the striped maxi is like perfection! So beautiful!

    Ashley B.
    Like No Other Fashion

  4. You are gorgeous! Love the look and your blog! :) Following you on BlogLovin' and would appreciate if you checked out my blog as well!
    -Alex of

  5. I love chevron! Love the pattern. This skirt looks great with the pink shirt.

  6. So beautiful in this look!
    Great pics too!

  7. Ohh what an interesting story. Loving that chevron maxi skirt. So so cute and perfect with pink. =) Your hair is looking gorgeous and darker. Did you dye it?


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