Love, Iris: Lovely Shoes Wish List



Lovely Shoes Wish List

Lovely Shoes WishList,

Dress // Leather Jacket // Pink Purse // Black Purse // Rhinestone Flats //
// Pink ankle Strap Flats // Purple Bow Flats //

Oh my goodness, how cute are these items? I think they are just adorable, and cheap too!!! is such a awesome company. Everything is very cheap, even their handbags, aren't they cute! I really love their sandals, and I really need these types of sandals in my life. They make everything just look adorable even if you are just wearing regular shoes!

Check out their site, they have the cutest items, from dresses, to outerwear and to even these gorgeous shoes!

1 comment:

  1. The ones on the bottom left and bottom middle have my heart.
    That jacket and black bag also do!
    Great picks!!



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