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8 Summer Fashion Essential

With summer fashion appearing all over in the stores, online and everywhere else, I'm thinking I need to go do some fun summer shopping whose with me?! I thought this would be a fun ensemble to make, and maybe I might bring some more like this soon!!! I'm loving the dresses that I posted under this don't you?!
I'm just so excited for summer, I really hate winter weather, I know I'm in Utah, but I always dread the cold winter weather...It's never fun. Plus it's pretty gross when it snows because of the dirt on the streets and it doesn't look like amazing snow all over LOL.
I'm really loving finding different thing's I really need for summer. These are so perfect for a summer night, summer day or everyday needs. Love the dresses though! :)

8 summer essentials

1) The Cute Casual Tops - Is a must in my closet, plus they are so easy to dress up with anything. Plus they are the easiest to just throw on and go to your desination!!!
                              Here's a coupon code for Jcrew: 25% off $100 using code: GETMORE
Casual Tops
2) The Pretty Summer Dresses - I'm always in love with any type of dresses, I saw these and I fell in awe! These are so perfect for going to school, or a date or anything you want to do in the summer! Plus they aren't too fancy to go out and about! :)

Summer Dresses
3) The Fun Button Up Shirts: I'm always loving a good button up top, plus these are those light weight ones so you wont get too hot if you wear them during the summer! I'm still in need of a good chambray top that actually fit's me. I think I might have to hit up Jcrew for it!
Here's a coupon code for Jcrew: 25% off $100 using code: GETMORE

button up shirts
4) The Skirts I love for summer - I own that black and white skirt and it's in stock for all you loveley people looking for it! :) I love wearing tons of skirts during the summer, these would be so cute in anyone's closet! 

5) Statement Necklace
6) Hand Bags
7) Earrings
8) Statement Pieces

Necklace // Bracelet // Earrings // Studded Bag // Pink Bag //

What's your summer essential needs?


  1. Great picks, love the floral dress!

  2. I am in love with black and white striped skirts and the gorgeous statement necklaces. Great pieces. ~ The Fashionista Momma

  3. I aree about all of these, especially the dresses, full skirts, summer tees and statement necklaces. You linked to some gorgeous pieces, for sure.

  4. AnonymousMay 01, 2014

    I really like polka dots. I especially like the pink polka dotted dress.


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