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Blue Chevron

Happy Friday Everyone! Today's outfit is a chevron dress that was adorable, but it's really short on me, but for the photo's it's good enough. I thought this print was super cute!!! Plus anything chevron is pretty amazing as it gets. I love how this dress has random leather parts in it. Which makes it much more fun right! I'm getting ready for Spring Semester, can't wait, my last semester grades were amazing, I got 3 A's and one B. I'm excited about this semester, since some of the teacher's I have are the ones from last semester! I also am finishing up my Leadership hours, I just have 1 more to do, then that will be over with for medical school, then I just need more volunteer hours, and 3 more Research Experience hours for medical school. I think I'm done with shadowing hours since I've done it for 5.5 months and still going. I love shadowing the doctor's it's so much fun, I get to learn so much! Anyways sorry for rambling on, hope you have a great weekend, and I will see you all on Monday! :)
Dress: Macy's
Tights: H&M
Booties: C/o Deb Shops
Necklace: C/o Deb Shops (Similar)


  1. Adorable outfit!!
    Love love love that dress with those boots!!


  2. Such a great outfit! Where did you find those boots at?


    1. Deb Shops sent them to me, but you can find them here at their site:

  3. Great way of styling a great dress. Where are you posing these? Isn't it too cold for you. Man, I attempted my lasted posing post outside. Toooooooooooooo coooooooooooooold!

    1. Hahaha your too cute renae ! This building is down the street from my house, but when I do outfit posts I have my car running with heat so I warm up before then I will be warm enough to do 6 outfits!

  4. I love chevron and it looks amazing in blue. I adore the dress. So pretty.

  5. Love the dress and shoes!! ~ Fashionista Momma

  6. The color is perfect for this year based on the astrologers!!!

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