Love, Iris: Merry Christmas + Maggies Fashion Magnet Review!



Merry Christmas + Maggies Fashion Magnet Review!

Merry Christmas Everyones!!!! I'm so excited to share with you something that is very remarkable! I was sent a Maggie Fashion Magnet for review! I love how you can make any type of scarf or sarong and make it into a dress or anything without the hassle with tying it or having elastic bands all over! I thought this was an impressive idea! I'm so glad they sent me a sample so I could use it on my infinity scarves, or my really long scarves that I have to tie in certain spots and it just looks weird, but now we have Maggies, such a great tool to use for any occasions! Thank you so much for sending a sample to me! Love it!

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What Are Maggies You Are Wondering?

Super powerful fashion magnets designed to securely fasten your fabrics together without pins or knots.

What are the two sizes for?

The smaller, lighter one is perfect for lightweight, thin fabrics while the larger one is preferable for thicker, heavier fabrics. Having the two allows you to wear any of the styles shown. Two Maggies are necessary to make jacket designs or some top designs.

What are Maggies made of?

Both the ring and the magnetic ball are made of nickel coated steel.

I tried Maggies on a very big chevron infinity scarf and the fashion magnet worked! Love the maggies! Hope you try it
You can check out their website here: Maggies Fashion Magnet Web Site



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  2. Wow, I've actually never heard of those fashion magnets before! They're amazing. Especially loving the outfit for the photo and the outfit with the teal and black coloured scarf! xx

    Chic Nikkie | Facebook


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