Love, Iris: - Weekly Outfits -



- Weekly Outfits -

- Monday -
| Scrubs: From a Co Worker | Shoes: Macys | Note Book: Target |

 - Tuesday -
| Jacket: Guess Clothing | Sweater: Macys | Jeans: Debshops |
| Sandals: Macys |

- Wednesday -
| Top: H&M | Jeans: Old Navy | Scarf: Burlington | Shoes: Payless |

- Thursday -
| Top: Loft | Skirt: Forever 21 (Here) | Sandals: JcPenny |

 Here are some of My post of me in Outfits!

Happy Saturday! I hope you all had a wonderful week and are having a fabulous weekend still! I totally forgot to post yesterday, so I decided today I'll post some of my instagram outfit's of the day! I got my summary paper back and I passed! I thought I was going to do bad, but I got a A- on it! So I thought that was fair enough! Thank god the teacher is amazing, and is nice enough to help you through everything. This weekend I'm finishing up some homework, and getting ready for my Rhetorical Analysis Paper, thats due in a couple weeks, but still gotta start figuring it all out and the layout etc.. Anyone doing anything exciting today?!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy!

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