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- Weekly Outfits -

Oh man, I am so bad at blogging this semester, I have sooo much going on with tons of school, homework, shadowing, and working so I will try this weekend to get as many outfit photo's if it's not raining, and the rain hasn't stopped so it's very hard to take photo's in the rain while it being so cold at the same time lol. Anyways these are the outfits of the week, I hope you enjoy them, I usually post these everyday on my instagram if you wanna follow me on there (@irisisradtastic) I hope you have been amazing, let me know what you are doing this weekend, I'd love to hear all your awesome things going on while I do a Rhetorical Analysis, and some other fun homework hahaha. XOXO

| Scrubs: From a Friend | Flats: Payless |

| Skirt: Forever 21 | Top: Jcrew (Here) | Sandals: Macys |

| Skirt: Inspired by Tess (Here) | Top: Forever 21 (Here) |
| Scarf: Forever 21 (Here) | Sandals: Windsor Store |

| Pants: Windsor Store (Here) | Top: Forever21 (Here) | 
| Scarf: EcoShag (Here) | Flats: Payless |

 I totally forgot to post a Friday one, so I will talk about how fun these pants are. 
I just  received these yesterday in the mail, and OMG these pants are a 
must have in your closet and I got them for only 14 bucks instead of 32 dollars! 
I thought that was a steal, I love waiting for online stores for there sales.
I hope you can find some, there's some at forever 21 (Here) or if they are still on Windsor (Here) go buy them
They are soo comfy!!!

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